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New Job – Day 6 and Intermittent Fasting Day 8

I slept through my alarm and woke up with only 30 minutes to make the train. Enough time to brush my teeth, wash my face, straighten my hair and grab my lunch from the fridge. So glad I packed it last night. It makes a difference people! If you want to bring lunch then pack it the night before. I wanted to switch up purses, but glad I didn’t. That’s the only reason I have everything I needed:

  • Makeup bag
  • Plug and USB cord
  • Earphones
  • Presto card
  • Power bar

I have become the makeup lady on the train I commented on in earlier days. To my defence I can get it done before we get to the next station. I just do the basics to even out my skin, eyebrows and lipstick or gloss. If I get my hands on an eyelash curler I may add that to my repetoir.

I got to work and just got a green tea and glass of water. I cleared out 300 emails and got it down to 12. Yah me! It finally hit 11 and i was going to nibble on the 6 California rolls, but I get a call from the new boss to come down. She is a very sweet and caring lady. I’ve joined a close knit group and friendly firm. I will need to de-program myself a bit from big corporation mentality. She said she’d like me to connect with an administrator for one of the major apps. I said so-and-so could send me an invite for a time that works for her as I have my calendar up to date. Oops! When I saw her face, I corrected myself and said I’d call her to arrange. šŸ˜‚ Awkward!

This ran till 1:30 and I had a session at 2pm. I yammed down the 5 other rolls, my salad and chugged 3 cups of water (love water bottles). I was still hungry. Grabbed a small plate of beet crackers and 6 triscuit crackers.

It hit the spot, but I still wanted more. Packing healthy snacks helped. Hello baby carrots and hummus snack dip. Yah me!

I update some documentation, send off my signed offer letter to HR, then start my go home routine:

  • put away away stuff to kitchen – cup, fork, recycle my hummus container
  • Bathroom
  • Change shoes
  • Gather up my electronics
  • Put on my coat
  • Put away security pass and get my my Presto card
  • Put some tunes on

The fasting is getting easier as long as I stop eating early enough at night. Didn’t walk at lunch which sucked. I only had 2300 steps so far. I signed up for tomorrow’s free weekly pilates class offered at the firm. Gotta remember to pack clothes tonight. If I like it I’ll invest in a yoga mat. Should be interesting. Wonder how sweaty people get, considering there’s no on site showers.

Wonder what’s for dinner tonight. I’m thinking I’ll shovel just to get some exercise šŸ˜‚ but likely I’ll change clothes, wash the makeup off and just cuddle baby.


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