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Intermittent Fasting – Day 6 and 7

It’s Saturday and I’m already behind the 8 ball since I ate past 7 pm last night. It was Friday and the official kickoff to the weekend. You know what that means. Fuck the diet! 😂 I’m joking. But I did lax. Shared a bottle of wine (hello empty calories). Ate till 10 something. Had some ice cream cake. Ugh. Looking back I shouldn’t have had all that. Why bother having salad all week to throw it all away in one day. But, I figure YOLO! I didn’t have that much wine (not as much as I wanted) and I asked for a small slice of ice cream cake (smaller than I wanted anyways). Later night eats is just necessary when you want to hang with peoples.

Onto day 6. Saturday. I’m up early af for a weekend. The hubby had an appointment downtown so it’s me and the babe only. I made him a cheese omlette and toast a nice slice of fresh Michael’s bakery cheese bread. I lasted 10 minutes before I made one for myself. Bye bye intermittent fasting. I didn’t fairly well with the amount of food I ate through. A combination of will power, stomach shrank and I only made myself one egg and one slice of toast. Franklin is texting me updates. I.e. can you pay the Green P parking using the app? Baby watches some cartoons as I play some Netflix on my tablet. But after watching 3 episodes of Peppa 🐷 it’s enough (Also my tablet ran out of power). I turn off the TV to some protest and we play toys. As I send him on a hunt to get a toy from upstairs I start cleaning up the kitchen and dishes. He comes down and our conversation goes like this:

Him – mommy

Me – yes darling

Him – mommy

Me – yes darling

Him – mommy

Me – yes son

Him – mommy

Me – yes

Him – walks away

He wants attention. I get it. I have him help me bring things to the blue bin. Fun! He’s a kid. It doesn’t take much 😂. Time for another diaper change and we hang out playing upstairs. OK. There’s only so much flying WWE wrestlers I can do. I give him a shower and put him down for a nap. Hubby eventually gets home and brought me some yummy chicken souvlaki. He’s not feeling so great. The dye the injected for the CT scan is messing with him. He needs to get on the machine again to get it out of his body. As the night wears on he’s lying down in bed feeling like shit. Ain’t nobody want to cook. He does take and pick up one of my big boys to a b-day party. Which I’m thankful. I don’t want to fake talk with the parents. But by the time he gets home he doesn’t want to go pickup take out. I haul on some pants, forgo the bra for a big puffy coat and was able to connect with my BFF while I go for a Japanese Bento box. $20 some laughs and fresh air later, I’m home to a clingy toddler and a grumpy hubby. He’s tired and doesn’t feel good. I applaud 👏 him for still getting on the machine for a second day in a row even though everything in him doesn’t want to. It’s later night eats again. The part of a free day is I don’t want to look at a clock. Ah well. On the plus side I didn’t eat all of the food they gave.

  • Miso soup
  • Salad with the yummy dressing
  • 6 California rolls
  • 2 small veggie spring rolls -Ate 1
  • Rice -ate it all
  • 3 pieces of salmon teriyaki -ate it all, including the bit of coleslaw underneath
  • Veggie and shrimp tempura -ate 1 shrimp one

Sunday – Day 7 intermittent fasting

Hubby is on the machine. Baby wakes up early af for a weekend. Feels like I’m in a groundhog day film. I make baby a cheese omlette and throw on some Toy Story. By the time hubby is off machine he wants to go out for breakfast. It’s 8:45 am and me and babes are done eating. I would normally go for a second breakfast because by the time the machine is done disinfecting and we reach the restaurant I could eat again. But I didn’t do that this time. Yah me! I made him scrambled eggs, heat up a can of beans and made toast, as per his request. After the first plate he asked for the a second plate (which meant I had to make more eggs and toast ugh). He was exausted from the dialysis so he went to lie down.

Kids activities is starting to come up. He took baby last week and went to get groceries while I took the 4 hour shift of activities. I didn’t mind. I just talked with my BFF, watched kids play, watched Netflix and crocheted. I can easily kill 4 hours. Who knew that all those ER visits had a useful by-product 😂. This week though Franklin is sleeping and baby is active af. He tells me to put on a movie and close the bedroom door. As soon I do, the baby loses his mind. I suggest we flip and I’ll take care of baby and groceries and he can just play chauffeur. He’s down for the count and I take baby with me. I bring all my time wasters, but trying to entertain a baby for 4 hours is not fun when all he wants to do is run around and interfere with the big boys. For the second shift instead of watching, much to my big boy’s chagrin, I don’t watch and go grocery shopping. Guess who’s fallen asleep? I lie him down in the cart and shop away. Im hungry so I stop off at McD and get a jr chicken combo and a plain burger for babe. I didnt eat all the fries, demolish my burger and dont bother with the roo sweet orange fanta. We finish 30 min early and I’m able to still watch my big boy. Yah me!

I drop him off at my dad’s and say hello. We hang for a bit and they have a routine apparently. Hwk, screen time, shower, food. I’m going to go home and make a roast so they can hang while I go home and put away groceries, make dinner and meal prep for the week. So thankful my dad is here to help guide them. They don’t have school Hwk, but math booklet my dad bought and he makes up questions. As me and babe are leaving I hear them excitedly ask for his questions instead of the doing the book. 😍

So much chopping to roast veggies for the week:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Peppers
  • Sweet potato

I forgot my zucchini, onions and tomatoes. Ah well. Maybe in the middle of the week if if run out.

I wash rice and dishes from Franklin’s breakfest. Kids home. Shower and night routine. Bed.

Bring on Monday!


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