Diet Dayz / The Grind

New Job and Intermittent Fasting Day 3

I really need to get my shoes in order. Some comfortable flats and some fashion runners (ones more for show than actually working out in). I’m one of those speed walkers that ends up behind all the fuckers looking at their phone while walking in the PATH.

This morning was able to get some cuddle and connection time. Hubby is holding it down with the kids today. He texted me while I was at work because he was feeling horrible. I missed the call. Daycare may be in our future. Being on dialysis, heart attack, EPS, stroke, father to all the pickneys and just growing old is taking its toll. It’s a wake up call to me to get my ass to the gym and take better care of myself. I did get a pass for Orange Theory. I enjoyed it when I got the 5-pass last time. Now just to figure out how to get out there. Mentally I feel stronger compared to before. Thank God. It was the right thing to do to focus on pulling myself up after the ridiculous gaslighting at the last gig.

Hopefully Karma will take care of them before they turn on someone else. I know I was not the first. The lovely Cuban lady left before me. I saw her a month after she left and she looked amazing. I mean happy, confident and strong. The real her. Before the bitches and toxic environment took her down. I still remember talking with her in the boardroom and she was crying. Karma took care of her. She was promoted to Director very quickly. But once she left I was next.

Today was a bit more taxing. A lot to learn. Glad I went for a walk outside to get some fresh air and reset. Still enjoying it here, but looking forward to the weekend all the same.

Diet Days – Day 3

I was able to do 15-hours fasting because I stopped eating by 7pm last night. I was really tempted to have a cappuccino, but drank 2.5 glasses of water instead. Yah me! Food so far includes some good and bad (as is life):

  • 1 cappuccino – no sugar, but with so much milk does it matter?
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tangerine
  • 1 small bunch of grapes
  • 1 bran cookie
  • Salad – romain, chick peas, roasted peppers, roast sweet potato
  • Carrots with 1 hummus dip for snack on my ride home
  • 7 cups of water

Can’t wait to get home and see what’s the deal is for dinner. Hopefully I can finish eating by 7 again and keep this up. Think I’ll way myself tomorrow morning.

Update: hubby made some oven baked BBQ skinless chicken thighs, rice and par-boiled veggies of cauliflower, broccoli and mini-carrots. I started off well. One bowl of a healthy portion, but then had a small second bowl that was meant to feed baby. Finished around 7:45 pm.


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