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New Job – Day 2

It really pays to make lunch the night before. I knew the benefits but didn’t do it before. Two days in a row and ive been able to grab and go i. The morning! And i need it because I’m still barely making it to the GO on time. Day 2 and hubby is on the machine doing his dialysis. So, no cuddle and connection time while the kids sleep and I’m somewhat alert. Instead I make sure to get everything I forgot yesterday and was still on point to grab all the stuff I used yesterday (thanks to meal prep and packing at night)

  • make up bag
  • Power bar for my phone
  • Void cheque
  • Lunch – 2 boiled eggs, salad mix, roast peppers and a few sweet potato slices
  • Snack – baby carrots and 2 hummus snack dips
  • Refillable water bottle to leave at my desk
  • Change of shoes to leave at work

Another good day. I still blown away of the difference to the last gigs on boarding. I still remember my eye TWITCHING after the first day. Every interaction so far has been positive. Felrom various HR and payroll/benefits, my colleagues and people I bump into into the kitchen. Still feeling I made the right choice…so far. Time will tell.

I do need to figure out lunch though. I just stayed in the lunch room and watched Netflix movie Killers with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher while I ate my lunch. It was OK, but need to move more. A couple jobs ago I would hit the gym since it was in the same tower I was working in. Super convenient. A bit pricey, but I went and my health is worth every dollar. Although this tower is close to the GO station I’ll need to figure some walking routine during lunch at least. I’m wearing runners in so should be able to figure it out.

The boys are adjusting. They all want to sleep with us at night. Time for a California King bed (and a house that will fit it). We hang and talk. Play some games and laugh. J is a bit all over the place because he wants to play too. After so many struggles I have to shut it down and put him to sleep and send the other boys to continue playing in their room. My heart is heavy when it comes to them. I hug them a little longer and harder. I think some one on one time with each kid may be needed. How to do it with such little free time between activities, b day parties, chores and some chillax time? Weekend feels very far away.

Diet Days: Day 2

The itermittent fasting is still working out. I didn’t grab any food in the morning (yah me!). I did get a cappuccino when I got in, but didn’t drink it till 10 or 10:30am, so still a win. Not at the 16-8 intermittent fasting yet. But as my wise cousins encouraged last time, just start somewhere, I. E. 12 hour fast, and build up. For those new to intermittent fasting, the 16-8 means you Gast for 16 hours (includes sleeping) and you have an 8-hour window to eat.

I’m trying to stop eating my 7pm. It’s been easy so far. I get home, eat and it’s 7 already! I’ve been going to bed pretty early so no “late night” snacks. I don’t think the weekend will fair as well, but one day at a time. So far we still going to celebrate the success 😂

I did have a cappuccino, mochaccino, two little plates of beet chips and a Halloween smarties. For day 3 I’m going to try and do one cappuccino and just hot water for the rest. I think I’ll need to buy some loose leaf Jasmine tea to leave at the office. If I can drink the plain tea in the morning I think I’ll be able to do the 16-8.

I did drink 6 cups of water at work, so yah me! My skin is looking a little better. Since I’m wearing make up I’m forced to do the whole skin care regime. Hopefully I can keep it up past hump day when I usually start to wane.


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