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This or That – Kid Conversation Starter Game

When we’re on longer car rides we like to do a fun This or That game. I like to hear what they choose between two choices. Sometimes I know what they’ll pick. Other times I’m surprised. And when they are passionate about one vs. the other choice they explain why. More like when they pick different choices they want to say why theirs is a better choice 😂. Sometimes I have to remind them that there is no wrong answer. It’s a personal choice! Wanted to do a quick post to revisit and see if their preferences change.

  1. TV or Internet
  2. Hotel or camping
  3. Chicken fingers or macaroni and cheese
  4. Pizza or hamburgers
  5. Ice cream cone or popcycle
  6. Swimming or park
  7. Bike or scooter
  8. Shorts or pants
  9. Bubble tea or pop
  10. Pancakes or French Toast
  11. Bath or shower
  12. Sandals or runners
  13. Hat or sunglasses
  14. Lunch or dinner
  15. French fries or onion rings
  16. Read or write
  17. Math or science
  18. Drums or guitar
  19. Baseball or hockey
  20. Basketball or football
  21. Love or money
  22. Movie or TV show
  23. Water or tea
  24. Walk or run
  25. Chess or checkers
  26. Broken leg or broken arm
  27. Long hair or short hair
  28. Hero or villain
  29. Dress up or dress down
  30. Country or city
  31. Sing 🎶 or dance 💃
  32. Fortnite or YouTube
  33. Beach ⛱ or Rollercoaster 🎢
  34. Rice or noodles
  35. Ceasars salad or taco salad
  36. Chicken 🍗 or steak
  37. Cake 🎂 or pie
  38. Draw or colour
  39. Cookies or muffin
  40. Smoothie or ice tea
  41. Trampoline or video games
  42. Day or night
  43. Chair or couch
  44. Soccer ⚽ or basketball 🏀
  45. Sunshine. 🌞 or rain ☔
  46. Bed or recliner
  47. Tablet or smartphone 📱l
  48. Pill or liquid
  49. Lego or perler beads
  50. Car or motorcycle
  51. Dishes or laundry
  52. Friends or family
  53. Candy or chips
  54. Vanilla or chocolate
  55. Tea or coffee
  56. Skateboard or bike
  57. Ski or skate
  58. Comedy or Action movie
  59. Spider or snake
  60. Mansion or sports car
  61. Canada or USA
  62. Fortnite or Apex Lengends
  63. Roblox or Minecraft
  64. Creative destruction or Pub G
  65. Steak or ribs
  66. Baby or teenager
  67. Netflix or YouTube
  68. DC or Marvel
  69. Flash or Green Lantern
  70. Batman or Superman
  71. Mom or Dad
  72. Curly or straight hair
  73. Long or short hair
  74. Brunette or Blond
  75. Raptors or Blue Jays
  76. Coke or Sprite
  77. Red or Orange
  78. Boy 👦 or girl 👧
  79. Adventure or relaxation
  80. Single or married 👰
  81. Truck 🚚 or car 🚗
  82. Bungee jumping or sky diving
  83. Sunflower 🌻 seeds or peanuts
  84. Caramel or chocolate 🍫
  85. Popcorn or chips
  86. Strawberry 🍓 or cherry 🍒
  87. Gun or Machete
  88. Mercedes-Benz or BMW
  89. Smarties or M&Ms
  90. McDonald’s or Wendy’s
  91. Tim Hortons or Starbucks
  92. Markers or pencil crayons
  93. Crochet or knit
  94. Snowboarding 🏂 or skiing ⛷
  95. Deaf or blind
  96. Son or daughter
  97. Driving range or batting cage
  98. Jacket or sweater
  99. Lucas or Marcus
  100. Friends or family

Comment your suggestions for round two.

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