30 day writing challenge

What Goal Did I Achieve Last Year – Day 16

I had to really think about it. Stuff happened, but not sure if it was necessarily defined as a goal achieved. It’s not like I planned it out and took steps to achieve.

  • Goal: I will lose 10 pounds and keep it off
  • How: by eating more sensibly and doing regular exercise
  • When: achieved by December 31, 2018

It happened, but I didn’t set forth a plan and stuck with it. I think the 1000 calories burned from breastfeeding helped šŸ˜‚

  • Goal: Make life long memories
  • How: Plan a big family trip, book the cottage for a week, etc.
  • When: Summer 2018

I always want family memories. This year I want to do a big family photo shoot. Natural environment with a bit of colour coordination. Is that a goal? I’ve planted the seed with the family, so that’s a start.

To be honest, it feels like I’m barely keeping my head above water most days and I’m just trying to get by. On my less optimistic days I’m drowning and it’s all overwhelming. My goal for this year….to be able do 30 minutes of mindful meditation, intermittent fasting, and achieve mental and physical well being.

Tl:Dr – shit fell into place last year. Goal set for this year.


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