Kidney Failure / Mom Badge / The Grind / Till death do us part - We're Married

Morning Rush

I woke up at 4:30 am again. Tried to do some mindful meditation and was able to fall back asleep. Phuck yah! At 6 am I start making moves, but baby wakes up too. We cuddle. Big boy wakes up. We all cuddle. Franklin ends his dialysis session 20 minutes so he can do his morning routine and be able to disinfect and do a tear down of the machine. Stop the bleeding on his fistula. Rest a bit to regain his bearings. We all hangout and I know I should get ready. Instead I stay and hang with the guys instead. No morning poop, and I’m rushing to brush my teeth, get dressed, no lunch packed, no sweater to go with this sleeveless dress, no socks that were forgotten upstairs so I can make the train with 2 minutes to spare.

It was worth it.


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