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One Thing to Take Care of Myself Today – Day 15

What is one thing I can do today to take care of myself. Write it down and make it happen.

Mindful meditation has always been something I wanted to include in my daily routine. Something to quiet mymind and get some inner peace and tranquility in the chaos that is my life. Rowdy kids. Deliverables at the new job to “show my worth”. A grouchy husband with a chronic illness. Waking up at 4:30 or 5:30 am everyday. I just want to start off with 5 minutes even! Heck even 1-2 minutes. The lower the expectation, hopefully the likely hood of achieving 😂 I searched for a “mindful meditation” app and there’s many.

I’ll just start with 10 squats – Day 1 squat challenge

Squat challenge! Who’s with me?


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