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My Ideal Morning Routine – Writing Challenge Day 12

I’ve slacked off on the weekend and am now missing days 11-13 of round 2 writing challenge….and today’s the 14th! The wheels are starting to fall off as I’m going to skip day 11 –

If I could live inside any movie it would be _____

I have no idea what movie. I even Google’d rom-coms to get some inspiration. Couldn’t find one so I procrastinated. Next thing I know it’s Monday and I still don’t know. Skip! I’ll lump it with days 5-7 that I missed to catch up.

Onward to today’s topic!

Writing challenge – round 2 – day 12

What is your ideal morning routine.

At first this would be easy. I get to sleep in past 7am and wake up feeling refreshed. We laze around and happen to all agree to go out for food that I want without any whining from the children. Not sure if it’s breakfast, brunch or lunch we finally roll out the door for, but it’s food I want. I’m going to say breakfast so I can extend this morning dream. We call sister-cousin and she’s down to come. After we all eat me and her do something – shop, paint, yoga, etc for an hour or two and I come home to laundry, dishes, and groceries done. Phuck yah!

Then I thought let’s make this more tangible.

  • I wake up feeling refreshed (this would obligate me going to bed early, but who wants to do that?)
  • do some exercise ( squat challenge, plank challenge, yoga, something)
  • make food for the family (save money and show my love through food, but the clean up and dishes though 😣)
  • Do 30 minutes cleaning as a family (many hands make for lighter work)
  • We go do something as a family – bike ride, make a big batch of dumplings, visit with my dad and play poker with the family (because there’s no kids activities to run to. No one is looking at the clock. We just do)

Not very sexy, I know. That part of me seems to have faded, but I’ll find her again.


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