30 day writing challenge / Mom Badge

Ideal Night Time Routine – Day 13

Flip to the ideal night time routine (which feeds into the ideal morning routine post)

  • Somebody else makes dinner, serves and cleans it up
  • 30 minute family clean up ( I had this in the morning routine, but with school and work, less tangible. With work and activities, not sure if this is realistic either, but it’s “on the list” so it will happen, right?)
  • Take a long hot shower
  • Face skin care (facicial hydrating face mask)
  • Kids shower and brush their teeth without any prompting
  • A family activity – movie and popcorn, board game – no sore losers or winners and a game we can all agree on, cards, crafting – molding animal shapes using play dough, perler beads, etc.
  • Read before bed and tuck in the kids where amazing dreams await them
  • Hubby and I can cuddle, talk and connect before we fall asleep in content

Again, not sexy, but maybe doable. Maybe we strip away some activities and I get a job closer (or win the lottery) and this can really happen. Why does it have to be ideal and not the norm?

Life…that’s why. Unless I’m ready to make huge changes to our current status quo, parts could happen, but not sure on the regular. Or can it….


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