30 day writing challenge

10 Things I’m Thankful For Right Now – Day 14

Only 10?

  1. My family – even though they drive me crazy, I am thankful we are close
  2. My parents – I am who I am today because of their unconditional love and the risk they took to provide me the opportunities I have today
  3. My children – even though they drive me crazy I wouldn’t want it any other way. Maybe the addition of one more….a little girl
  4. My health – could be better and I’m going to get there but, thankful it’s not worse
  5. I’ve found my life partner – even though he drives me crazy I couldn’t imagine life without him
  6. My job – I can provide for my family and that is important to me
  7. My country – multicultural, Healthcare, freedom, – could there be aspects that could be better? Of course, but I’m thankful I can say that, that as a woman I more power than most of my sisters around the world. If we lived anywhere else I think the hubby’s chances would be far more grim
  8. My home/food – I’ve taken advantage of the life opportunities and made some decent decisions and sacrifice and with some good fortune I have a place that I call home and have enough food to eat. I am thankful I am not homeless and starving. Not all are as lucky
  9. Medicine – without the option of dialysis I shudder to think where we would be. A live donor will save us one day.
  10. My life – it’s not perfect for some, but it’s just right for me. Hardships have made me the thankful, strong, confident and determined woman I am today

I thought 10 would be easy, but by 7 I had to think about it. For a more superficial fun list, read on

  1. Cake – no explanation needed
  2. Hot showers
  3. Spa – love getting massages and facials
  4. Food – all kinds, willing to try anything
  5. Yarn – I love to crochet
  6. Music – I listen everyday
  7. Money – so I can buy whatever my heart desires
  8. GO train – its a love hate ride. I don’t want to drive during rush hour….yuck!
  9. Internet – knowledge is at my fingertips
  10. My life – it’s amazing

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