Diet Dayz

Fasting Day 4 – What Time Is It?

I wasn’t cognizant of the time to challenge myself to meet the goal to fast for 16-hours today (nor fast for any amount of hours). It just wasn’t on the forefront of my mind
so I could make choices that would help me to achieve success. I just lived life as it came along. Of course this starts all last night. Hubby slept all day yesterday after lunch. His body hurt and he felt like crap. Kids played some games. I try and get in on the gaming action to interact with them and just be in the same room while Baby napped. After 20 minutes of trying its deduced that there’s limitations of the game for us to play at the same time. So i get to play by watching. Fun! That got old very quickly (2 minutes) so, L created my own world to build on a different game. The POV gaming style made me dizzy and I found it boring. L “helps” me, and when I stop watching to learn, he ends that one and goes back to his original game he was playing before I came into the room. Successful parenting!

I set the expectation that they need to get off by 6:30 and can do anything else besides gaming. Lego, draw, read, write, cards, etc. It was decided a movie. I chose Get Smart. Looked kid and adult friendly. M wasn’t feeling it at first and wanted to watch YouTube videos on his electronics. I killed that noise right quick. He finally got into the movie and the 3 of us enjoyed. Of course they got hungry. Hello, Annie’s mac and cheese and left over roast beef. S came over. And then there was 4. Baby now wakes up and then there was 5. I give in to everyone’s asks. Yes, you can have a slice of chinese vanilla swiss roll cake. Yes, you can have lychee jello. Yes, you can make yourself ( and me and S a roobeer float). Yes, you can have a bowl of ice cream. Franklin is still sleeping. By 9pm I go check on him again. He moans and groans his body hurts and rolls over. Baby is getting cranky. I take advantage of S being over watching baby and just lie down to hold Franker. I hear baby whining so I ask her to bring him up and if she’s willing to change his diaper. We hangout in baby’s room while I talk with her while my eyes are closed and baby climbs up and down. I still need to put away the roast and I’m starting to get my second wind. I go downstairs and kids are now watching another movie. I cut up some apples for them to snack on and have a piece too. All I could think of is I’m going to be behind the 8 balm for my fast tomorrow morning. Finally at 11pm Franker is awake and comes downstairs to join the living. I put away all the foods, walk S out and me and baby go upstairs. Boys at some point come give me a kiss good night.

All that to say on day 4 of my fasting I wouldn’t be able to eat until 3 pm to meet my 16 hours based on last night’s activities. Our morning included getting M to his activity. Franker, L and baby being hungry for breakfast. We invite sister-cousin (benefits of living next door to do last minute invites) and we are off to get breakfast.

12-hours fast. It is what it is. I’d say day 5 will be better, but I ate beyond the 8-hour window again on day 4. Ugh. Well, day 5 is a Monday, so being at work without having to accommodate anyone’s eating demands will make it easier I think. Let’s see how the day progresses.


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