30 day writing challenge

Writing Challenge – Round 2 – Day 3 – This Time Next Year

I’m still trying to plow through challenge topics 1-6 so I can start with the rest of the bloggers who plan on starting January 7th with challenge topic 7. I’m only on topic 3, and going to start with the night routine soon, so we’ll see. I could do 4 tomorrow and still meet my challenge.

Writing challenge – Round 2 – Day 3

This Time Next Year I Will Be:__________

This one is a bit tough. I like to set goals, but putting it on this public median feels like a lot of pressure. If I don’t fulfill my goal I will be disappointed, but will look like a failure to the x-number of people who read my blog.

But, in the end, no offense dear reader, who cares if you think I’m a failure for not completing my goal. I will keep trying until I die or achieve. I am going to under promise and hopefully over deliver.

This time next year I will be 10-lbs lighter and I’ll have published a crochet pattern that I’ve designed. I will have a routine of some type of self-care once a month.


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