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Writing Challenge – Round 2 – Day 2 – Word of the Year

The writing challenge continues.

Shout out to my fellow bloggers who are doing this with me.

Was hoping my niece and sister-cousin would join in, bu u who knows. Maybe they will read all our posts and be motivated to join in.

Writing Challenge – Round 2 – Day 2

Choose a Word for This Year and Explain Why

It’s hard to narrow it down. A few that come to mind are:

  • De-stress – To take a moment everyday and just breath
  • Health – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.
  • Presence – to be mentally, spiritually and emotionally in the moment. To be present and invested in the situation. When I’m at work I worry about the hubby, baby, kids and my dad. At home I worry about work. All that leads to me to feeling overwhelmed. One thing at a time
  • Extra income – I have a few ideas to try and make a couple extra dollars. The free blog was showing advertising and earning a few cents from my content. Well, I want those cents! I want to look into adsense, adwords, etc. to try and monetize my blog. Share my blog posts that you think someone may enjoy, dear reader. Read often. In my first year I wrote over 180 posts! Check them out!!

The word that comes to mine when I read the theme from above is


To make myself a priority to make the time to de-stress and achieve mental/physical /emotional/ spiritual well being.

What word comes to mind for you? Comment and let me know. Or if you blogged about this topic share your post so I can read it.


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