Diet Dayz

Fasting – Day 3 – Winning

I thought the weekend would be harder. Maybe tomorrow will be, but for today it’s worked out so far. We stopped eating by ~8:45 pm last night and the kids fended for themselves this morning which was gold fish and apples. By 10am we’re trying to figure out food. Kids want me to cook. I don’t wanna! I’ll be cooking dinner and for one meal (or three) I just want a break from such a long week of work and phucked up sleeping patterns that include waking up at 4:30 am – 5am. The hubby is still on the machine so theres still time. At 11am everyone is hungry. The husband is finally off and is resting and recouperating. Its still another hour + by the time everyone completes the morning routine of diapers, teeth, clothes, shoes, coats and general whining before we are finally on our way to eat.

By the time we drive down to our favourite pho place, park up and order the food, it will arrive within my window to meet the 16-hours fast. Now to try and make sure I try and finish dinner at a reasonable hour.


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