30 day writing challenge

Writing Challenge – Round 2 – Day 0 – Ideas

I don’t usually wait for new years to commit to a change. Go to the gym, eat better, blah blah blah. I try every day to make a better choice. But,I get it. It’s a new year. A new chance to start. Well, one of them is to write more. Since I enjoyed the last writing challenge I did with https://trvlnredstiletto.wordpress.com I put it out to a few others. The commradarie to get it done and getting to know something about them I would not have known is great.

We had several suggestions:

1. Didn’t like the one above because I don’t want to put a picture of myself now my family. But like lots of the other ideas.

2. I liked this one at first to write a letter. It really is a lost art to write letter. I miss getting them, but also too lazy to write one. Also, it feels too emotionally invested to do each day.

3. At first glance I liked this too. A mix of pictures and interesting topics I find easy to write about. But then there’s those pesky personal pictures again. Next!

4. I liked this one too! Very empowering and some self reflection. At 12, it’s a bit short. Think I’ll keep it in my back pocket and do another time.

5. I voted for this January challenge. It’s early enough to catch up. We’re only a few days behind and the topics are easy.

Want to join me? Vote on a writing challenge based on the numbered images above. Comment your blog link so I can check out your posts! I’ll update if anyone votes which one we decide. Otherwise, stay tuned for the 1st blog challenge post!


  1. 30-days Of Me
  2. Letter journals
  3. The 30-days Blog Challenge
  4. 12 Most Beautiful questions Asked
  5. January

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