Diet Dayz

Fasting – Day 2 – Fail

Not a great start. But like most rough mornings it started the night before. I ate past 8 pm. I couldn’t turn down a sip of the root beer float my big boy made. I baked a cha-siu bao and didn’t want to waste it. Both were delicious. Both were not needed since I was full from dinner. I stopped eating by 9 pm, so not horrible. But, all I could think was that for a 16-hour fast I couldn’t eat until 1pm the next day. Wrong mind set. When I got to the office this morning I ate a carrot chip. Even as I was chewing I knew I shouldn’t. For a millisecond I considered spitting it out instead of swallowing. I swallowed. I swallowed the rest of the bag. It was not even 10am yet. Now keep in mind I’ve been up since 4:45 am. 5 hours I lasted. Pitiful. I had lunch at 12:15 pm and maybe nothing else until dinner. I’m hungry. If I had an apple in my bag I’d eat it right now.

Small steps as my cousin J said this morning. Appreciated her kind words of encouragement. I will train my mind and body. Tomorrow’s a new day. I have a feeling it will be harder as I get up early and feed the masses, but we’ll see.

My Formula for a successful start to intermittent fasting:

  1. Lower my standards aka expectations aka be kinder and put less pressure on myself
  2. Slowly increase my fasting hours, I. E. From 12-hours, to 14-hours, to 16-hour, etc.
  3. Increase my days of achieving my fasting goal of achieving a consistent 16-hour fast

Basically, I will try everyday, but if I can stop eating breakfast 3 times a week, have my last meal somewhere between 6 to 8 pm I’ll deem my initual start to intermittent fasting a success.

Here’s to a new start tomorrow!


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