Diet Dayz

Fasting – Day 1 – I’m Surviving So Far

I really thought I’d struggle in the morning. I was already hungry when on my commute in. Distraction is a great tool to avoid the hunger pangs I was having. As soon as I got in I had a meeting in 5 minutes. Just enough time for me to make my Chai tea with some cream. No sugar. Not as delicious, but still flavourful. After that 9-10 meeting, I have a 10-11 training consulting session. 11-12 is to finally get around to answering emails. Lunch! I’m hungry, but not as ravenous as I thought I’d be. We went out for lunch as a great associate is ending his rotation with us and it was his birthday yesterday. Indian food was on the menu and I got a chicken briyani. There was a lot of rice. I ate about half and boxed the rest. I probably could have eaten it all in addition to the big glasses of water I had, but was already feeling full and getting sleepy. Good to leave the table not so stuffed (or leave the table a little hungry so I’ve heard). By 3:30 I’ve got the munchies. I eat 1/3 of the sub I brought this morning, a handful of the carrot and sweet potato chips and chug more water. I’m content. The commute home should be fine as I can blog my update and stay distracted frim my sweet tooth that wants a slice of cake or donut.

I still get to eat dinner! For work days its easier to have my 8-hour window be 12-8pm. Skip breakfast. Morning tea to tied me over to lunch. And then lunch, snack and dinner. So far so good. Although tomorrow will be the real test. It will be the first 16 hours (8pm to 12pm). Today I woke up at 5:30am, but had lunch at 12pm. 6.5 hours. Now to ensure I don’t eat after 8pm. Fingers crossed!


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