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Medieval Times

We lucked out with my sister-cousin (cousin who’s like a sister) and scored some great tickets to watch another show at Medieval Times show. My dad, aunt, sister-cousin and bf, and my family all head down. My dad rolls with us of course. And like a comedic amazing race episode there are 3 opinions on how we should navigate the Gardiner closure and get down. I try and message with sister-cousin since she left before us to figure out traffic. That just adds to another level of our “discussions” of which route to take. In true hubby m.o. we end up taking some ridiculous sidestreets that he wants me to look up on Google maps. No route person, but for me to look every freaking street. I’m trying to play Heads Up to keep one of the kids entertained while the other 2 sleep. After 2 hours we are all getting restless and wondering when the heck are we going to get there. Hubby pulls in front of the building and I try to wake up baby and biggest boy. Cars start lining up or speeding around us. When I finally get us in the building there’s a line to get in and I have no tickets. Wooosaaaa…..I will get there…..I mentally tell myself.

Thankfully sister-cousin was able to reserve some seats so we could all sit together. And we get to our seats just as the show starts. New storyline, OK eats, kids and hubby yelling like it’s a WWE wrestling event and baby was pretty good and staying seated for 90% of the show. Middle kid needs to use the facilities and although the show is almost over we have to go NOW. Somehow we find everyone again after the 100s of people leave the stadium. I buy the kids souvenirs I normally wouldn’t buy, but the tickets were such a good a good price we spend on souvenirs. To buy both full price tickets and souvenirs is an all inclusive vacation ticket, so discount tickets means the ticket budget can be spent on souvenirs. And they love it. I get my group pics with all of us and I’m glad to make another memory with everyone.

Hubby has already said he wants to go out for breakfast the next day. So, when the morning comes I’ve given kids snacks to tide them over till we go for breakfast. He’s doing dialysis and although kids have been up for hours, I have balance between feeding them so they stop whining about being hungry but not fill them too much to give hubby the breakfast out he wanted. Time is ticking by and I’ve become the cereal maker, dish washer, bagel maker, tangerine peeler, diaper changer and laundry supervisor. He’s having a rough time and even though he’s finished dialysis he is not feeling well. His stomach hurts. My anxiety steals my breath. Is It happening? This is typical of the early signs of another bowel obstruction. I feel sick. I know it’s serious when he doesn’t want to eat. He’s usually starving when he gets off the machine. I tell him to rest. With 1.5 hours to spare and a sleepy baby I fall asleep too. I’m so exhausted that I don’t care about setting an alarm. I just want to shut away and shut down. But with 20 minutes to the first show I wake up quick and start hurding my sheep to get ready. The whining that follows is annoying af. I don’t want to adult and just go back to sleep. But I put on my big girl panties and demon voice on and hurd them to the car.

After all the drop offs, pick ups, homework, dinner, showers, brushing teeth and grocery shopping, another weekend comes to an end. Doing it all on my own was hard. When the hubby feels good he takes on most of it and I get to make dinner, clean, put baby down for 2 naps, etc. Take out dinner, no house work except for laundry and dishes (need underwear and plates to eat off of) and a wild baby is just another typical day of going with the flow to survive this dialysis wife life.


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