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Maternity Leave is Over – Day 42

Hormones are just all over the place. Feeling anxious about my job again this morning starting at 4am, 5am and 6. Thankfully my dear hubby gave me the pep talk I needed. I just haven’t found my stride yet. I know my stuff. Once I figure out their processes I will blow them away with the training program and policies I have created so many times before. Multiple awards and recognition for my contributions to propel a company’s employee knowledge, skill and productivity. I can do it. I will do it. The uplift is exactly what I needed. This is what it means to be married to your husband, coach, lover, best friend, cheerleader, rock and beacon of light and hope. He is the staff I lean on. I love you my dear husband.

I get on the train and I want to blog about the low then high of emotions…..of my life. I check the stats of my blog posts and notice one about What I Miss that someone has recently read. Curious as to what I missed at the time I wrote it, I launched it to read and reminisce. It is a bittersweet surprise. It was good to remember. To feel the love I am filled with that it brings tears to my eyes. I feel them well up and I stop reading and tilt my head back, hoping it will not ruin my make up and somehow absorb back into my eyeballs. I should stop reading and save my face. But I can’t. I want to feel the love and pain. I continue to read and stop. Over and over till I reach the end.

My melancholy is strong. Life? Children? Work? It’s Monday? PMS? All of it!

I just put on some tunes and lose myself till I have to hoof it to work.


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