The Grind

Maternity Leave is Over – Day 36

I’m growing. When you break out of your comfort zone of complacency you grow in some way, shape or form. I’ve started a new job with a great organization. But their on boarding has something to be desired. But, with my input I plan to change that for my target audience. I was overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed. To the point my eyes was twitching on the first day, but I even experienced it today the third week into this growth.

What helps me (so, I think)

  • Writing – be it blogging, making a list of things that’s overwhelming me so I can read what I can control and what I can’t. I just need to let out what I’m feeling. Bottling it up by ignoring it just manifests into stress.

  • Positive messages – I know this seems corny, but it helped. It was literally a switch that washed away the stress for a few hours/day. Changing your mindset is the key.

  • Getting sleep – this is sometimes not achievable even when I want it. Just can’t turn off my subconscious. Wake up at 4am, 5am, etc. And can’t go back to a deep sleep.

  • Eating better snacks – well this is periodical. I mean, I do pack baby carrots with my 4 digestive cookies, yogurt, mini banana muffin, apple and snack size chips

But I’m slowly getting the lay of the land and have a achieved a couple of goals. It’s slower than I’d hoped. Makes me feel stupid. But the reality is it is a large and complex organization and I need to give myself a break. I have the knowledge, experience and skill to exceed all the pressure I’m putting on myself. I just forget…..all the time.

I can’t even start with the family stuff. The hubby is exhausted and some days feels like cap and sleeps all day weekends. So, it’s work/kids/house for me. My only reprieve is my shower time.

I’m thankful for the love of my niece who checked in with me today.

” Hey GJ, hope work is going well. Every day I’ve been checking for a new blog post. I even told myself, she hasn’t posted in a week don’t bother checking…but I still do and now it’s been two weeks lol.

I know things get crazy, hence the lack of posts maybe. But still, I hope it’s going well!!…even without the people who clean up after you like at the lawyer place 😂 ❤”

Besides our regular dinners, we stay connected through our blogs. We follow each other’s blogs and get an email notification when a new one post goes up. I love knowing her more on a level I normally wouldn’t know.


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