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Maternity Leave is Over – Day 23

Day 23 and my heart still aches to be home with my babies. OK, only one is a physical size baby, but as all parents can attest to, your children will always be your babies no matter how grown up they are. I wish I could make them their hot breakfast and lunches. Loudly encourage them to brush their teeth, get dressed, pack their lunch bags, remind them to bring all their school work/library books/gym clothes and to wear a jacket. I miss the hugs and kisses before they leave. And the first few seconds of calm when the whirlwind of getting to school is over and it’s me and the bubbas 😒

There was so much reading that I was getting a bad headache by the afternoon. When I did get home it was a twitch in left eye. I washed my face and brushed my teeth, changed, fed baby from all the milk my boobs were filled with from last weeks feedings on demand production, ate two bowls of my brother’s delicious Jamaican soup, helped with math homework, showered and me and baby were out by 9:30. Didn’t even get to see my biggest boy all day! I left before he woke up. I slept before he was back from his activities. This makes me want to cry.

I need to play down my wardrobe. It is business casual and my blazer and dress was unnecessary I was told. I played it off and said it was my first day and we laughed. But when I went to get dressed this morning the hubby told me my dress and casual blazer was still too much. Umm….have you even seen my work fashions photo album?! πŸ˜‚

I changed into a different dress and ditched the blazer. I did wear a fashionable jacket and still look on point. I remembered my makeup 2 days in a row! Bye bye blotchy skin. And it helps me to be better about taking care of my skin since I wash it off when I get home. Well once so far, but I have make up on again so tonight too! (Hopefully)

I like dressing up. Well, at work. Once I get home its pajamas. Outings are usually in joggers and ratty t-shirts. Like I should be featured on a What Not to Wear episode. I wore jeans and my nieces were surprised. I should step up my casual fashion game. But I don’t because I rather spend that money on the kids or food so I don’t have to cook. Clothes for work are part of my investment where I get paid. To stand in front of a room of professionals/executives and command their attention and respect to listen is not easy for some. My work fashion is my armour. My knowledge, skill and charm are my weapons. And I slay every time.

A little emotional at the beginning of this post. But ending with a kicka$$ feeling. Love the power of writing. So cathartic.


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