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Maternity Leave is Over – Day 22

I wasn’t sure whether to call this post Maternity Leave is Over – Day 22 or New Job – Day 1. Both would be appropriate.

I liken New Job – Day 1 more because Day 1 Really describes everything I’m feeling.

  1. Reviewing some job stuff I want to implement
  2. Picking an outfit to wear the night before
  3. Go to bed early (although that was broken since I had to help spin the hubby’s blood for 45 minutes and then wake up again to bring it down to the fridge)
  4. Packed lunch the night before. Even precut my bagel for breakfast!
  5. Washed and blow dried πŸ’‡ night before so all I had to do was straighten it in the morning
  6. Remembered to pack makeup πŸ’„
  7. Remembered to pack heels πŸ‘ 
  8. Charged up all my phone and battery pack (my battery πŸ”‹ really sucks)

I woke up at 5:13 am because I worried I slept through my alarm. I didn’t. But once I was up I had to go pee. Of course baby wakes up. I check the weather as baby feeds. When 6am alarm goes I change his diaper, give him cuddles and change his clothes. I straighten my hair and brush my teeth. Hubby suggests getting the earlier train on my first day just to get there early, get a coffee, figure out a path there. Everything is going according to plan. I have 6 minutes to get there, when his arm starts bleeding. As I mentioned before about helping him spin his blood, its because he was done dialysis last night. Well, after therapy he has to take the 5 inch needles out, cover the access points and put pressure. Well it had stopped. But then it started just as I’m about to leave. Thanks timing! But it’d the early train that would get me there 60 minutes early, so no biggie. I help watch baby while he puts new bandages and adds pressure again.

I toast my blueberry bagel only to find I only have herb garlic cream cheese. Sweet and savory, right? Yuk!

Not 100% sure what car of the train to sit in. But one thing that sucks is I forgot my headset. I have to hear other people’s business. This guy complained about his wife. He said he woke up and trying to get daughter ready. Wife said for him to get rid of metal hangers in closet and buy some that are all the same color because it looks ghetto right now. He was pissed! Do I need to deal with that shit at 6:30 in the morning about hangers? And I have to have this right by my face. Double yuk!

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