The Grind

Maternity Leave is Over – Day 12

Today is not only day 12 post maternity leave, it is also the last day of my current job. It is bittersweet to switch lanes and take a new path to a new job. I truly enjoyed the people I worked with and the work environment was better than most. It was so good that it is the second longest organization I’ve stayed with thus far in my career. There was some dramatics and irony that made me break out of my comfort zone and make moves. And it feels good to make moves again. I’ve made many safe choices since my decisions effect more than just me. Once upon a time I did contract work for fortune 500 companies, networked with everyone and hustled to get the next gig to get paid that high contract money. I was fortunate to be booked back-to-back for years. For my family I took a stable full-time job that secured us benefits and a stable and steady income.

Work. It’s a big part of my life as I invest more time to it each week than I do with some family and friends. But I know what is top priority in life. For me it is my family. Husband and sons who fill me with joy, love, life and motivation to be the best I can try to be. Parents and brothers who give me a safety net and confidence with their unconditional love to do everything and anything. Cousins who are my sisters. Nieces who are my daughters. My family is the quality of my time. Work and the commute are the quantity of my time.

A farewell lunch is planned. I get to sit with those I’ve worked side-by-side and laughed with for 40 hours a week for 5 years. Most are genuinely good people. Few have made it over my emotional fence and made it to my social media circle. I will miss them.

The spark in my excitment to start the next chapter in my career is growing. I look forward to flexing my skills and experience in a fashionable dress with a smile on my face to make an impact in the training field at the bank. Here I come!


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