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Maternity Leave is Over – Day 11

I have a little pep in my step. It couldn’t have been from my sweaty morning of rushing, changing outfits, false start to the car thinking I would make my early train. Or could it?

My alarm worked this morning since I plugged it in overnight to ensure I don’t have another day 9 snafu. But not as helpful when you’ve sent it to a gentle ring tone and find it soothing enough to sleep through. I’m awake, but so tired from baby’s sleep regression since I went back to work that I figure I’ll catch the follow up alarm.

Warning: Sex talk coming up. Skip to next paragraph to continue. Getting frisky can be challenging when you have children, everyone is exhausted from said children, but compound that exhaustion with dialysis, commuting, and work and we’re lucky we still kiss goodnight after dinner, dishes and bedtime routine with the pickney dem. It’s been too long. He was very understanding since I’ve been back to work. But even I was getting frustrated. Well, if it isn’t exhaustion holding us back, it’s finding the right time where the children will not be scarred. This morning the stars aligned and all three were sleeping and we’re awake to start the day. And start the day we did 😉 That’s as much sex talk as you’re going to get. No dirty details. 😂

With time used loving eachother I didnt have time to wash my hair. Hubby says it looks “fine”. It looks ok, but a tad greasy at the roots from me using my hands to put it in a ponytail several times. I don’t have dry shampoo, but I love learning life hacks and remember one that will work for this exact problem. I put some baby ppwder in my hands, flip my hair upside down and rub into my roots. Voila! Bandaid solution that works.

I rush to the train station and have to run to the tracks as the train pulls in. Made it! Sweaty and out of breath from my sprint, but none of that matters when you don’t have to pitifully watch the train pull away and wait 30-minutes for the next one. I have to use my muscles to slide open the doors and walk through to the other end, but figure it’s all part of the suburban working mom circuit training.

  1. Run from car
  2. Walk through train
  3. Bob and weave through the masses as you speed walk through the PATH

As I walk through the train a lady is wearing a lovely dress. There’s not many people on the car we’re in and I feel great. So great I stop to tell her her dress is very pretty. She is genuinely surprised. Who wouldn’t be? What nut randomly compliments you? We chit chat for a few minutes. She enthusiastically tells me thank you and to have a great day. I’m on my way to continue the journey through another 10 cars.

When I finally make it and I sit down at a prime seat, I start to mentally figure out what’s on my plate at work for the last two days. I’m meeting with a lawyer this morning to train them how to use the firm’s technology. Then I admire my outfit. New dress. Even remembered some make up to put on. Then I remembered I brought home my work shoes the other day. Fak! The heels to make my outfit are sitting in a shoebox at home. I was able to run in my shoes. Shoes you can run in is not the type of shoes you wear with my dress and blazer. But silver lining person I am appreciates that at least it’s not flip flops.

Do I buy a pair at lunch? The shoppoholic diva in me says yes. The person who incurred debt while living on maternity pay, has kids activities to pay for, has food to buy because I didn’t pack lunch last night, has 2 pick ups today and a dinner date with my “sister” says no.


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