feeding baby

First Foods for 6 months old baby – Butternut Squash

I still need to buy a steamer.  I had a 3-story one I used with Baby 1 and 2, but haven’t used it in a while.  Have to pick and choose what to keep out in the valuable real estate of the kitchen counter space.   Maybe a small steamer we can just put over a pot.  I can steam and it will take up minimal space.

In lieu of a steamer I boiled a cubed piece of  butternut squash.  I broke off a piece and mashed it up with some breast milk.  He liked it!  and no red blotchy reaction on his face.  I’ll keep feeding it to him for 3-5 days and see how it goes.

Next foods on my radar:

  • plain congee – then I can use that as a vessel to mix in the veggies and meat into it
  • broccoli – want to do green veggies
    • note to those moms who are feeding their babies – i learned not to feed baby spinach too early back with baby 1.  I was part of a close knit mom group and we each brought a bag of fruit of vegetable.  We made the baby food and everyone got to take home a variety of food.  Certain foods are high in nitrates, i.e. spinach, so you do not want to feed them prior to 6 months. More conservatively I would wait 8-10 months.  Google “Blue Baby Spinach” or here’s a great link I use
  • cauliflower
  • bok choy

Then some sweeter foods:

  • carrots
  • banana
  • pear
  • apple
  • beets

Some ground meats at some point.  Eggs would be good too.  A little gun shy after Baby 2, but it will be on the list.

Then the real fun begins.  COMBOS!


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