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First Foods for 6 months old baby – Avocado

Doctor said we could have started feeding him back when he was 4-months but, he was already more than double his birth weight and I didn’t see why we should rush.  Well, here we are at 6-months and I’m ready.  Well, not really, but it’s time.  Baby has been staring at us eating, drooling big time and is starting to cut his two bottom teeth.  I was also holding off because baby had a diaper rash because of his antibiotics he had to take for 2 weeks.  After a lot of no-diaper air time, several loads of laundry including hand washed blankets, medicated butt cream, and frequent diaper changes, his skin is finally on the mend.

After we discovered baby’s 2 food allergies when he was 6 months,(We fed him rice cereal.  He broke out in hives big time, but thankfully wasn’t anaphylactic. Turns out rice cereal has dried milk powder in it and he was allergic to milk, but thankfully he’s outgrown it.  I have a fond memory of when he tried pizza for the first time.  He ate four slices and said “mommy, this is soooooo good”) I’m a little hesitant about feeding Baby.  So, what’s changed since feeding my other children.  Well, baby-led weaning seems all the rage.  Sounds like a great idea.  Saves me from having to feed baby first.  He an feed himself!  It’ll be messy, but I’m willing to try.

I found this great site about baby-led weaning for first foods.   I used a bit of this site and my own ideas.  I started with avocado!  I pushed it up and mixed it with some breast milk.  He likes it!  But, noticed he had some blotches after.  Fed him the second day and he had no reaction.  Fed him the third day and more blotches.  I’m not sure if it’s the avocados or if it’s because I ate eggs.  Sigh.  Baby 2 also was allergic to eggs and eventually YEARS later he grew out of it.  Avocado – maybe.

avocado for baby

Next, it will be pumpkin.  Good luck new Baby!

pumpkin for baby


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