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Maternity Leave – Day 3 – 38-weeks and 6-days: OBGYN updates

It was my turn to sleep in today.  The hubby woke up early to start the morning routine. Very different than my approach, but I’m going to sleep in, so let him do him.  He made them breakfast and lunch.  I woke up to help usher them into getting dressed, brush their teeth and get out the door.  Hubby left to bring them to an activity and didn’t come back.  I was going to send a snarky text about him not coming to the OBGYN appointment, but figure why bother.  Let him enjoy playing golf while he can.  I was a little surprised when he walked back into the house.

ME:  What are you doing here?

HIM:  Don’t you have an appointment today?

ME: Yeah.

HIM:  Well, I told you I’d be coming.

ME: *giggles*  I thought you forgot.  I was going to text you about forgetting.

HIM:  har har.  I’m here

There was quite the wait at the OBGYN’s office.  One hour late and I’m still in the waiting room.  I was 10 minutes late, but I think he was running late and was jammed because he’s on vacation next week and trying to see everyone before he goes.

  • he had to check things ‘down there’
  • i’m 1-2 centimeters dilated
  • have an ultrasound tomorrow
  • he upped my bp meds to 3 times a day instead of 2
  • concerned with Toximia (aka pre-clampsia)
  • if i don’t get a call back from the hospital with an induction date, i need to call tomorrow afternoon
  • if I don’t get 2 does of IV anti-biotics (1 every 4 hours), pending the pediatrician, may keep me 36-hours to observe the baby due to me being positive for Group-B Strep

Went to do some errands after.  Went to pick up kids.  It was sooo hot.  Just sitting out there for 15 minutes I was going to pass out.  And these guys were running around!  Made me appreciate that they need even MORE drinks to stay hydrated.  Gave them a bubble tea and some fresh baked Chinese buns as snacks on our way home.

As we chilled at home before dinner had them take a shower to wash off the sweat and grime.  So glad they can just bath themselves.  My big kids.  I’ve been craving Korean BBQ ever since I watching the Buzzfeed Worth It video for Korean BBQ in Korea.  It’s pricey, but figured we better do it before baby comes.  And to go to the place I had in mind we could do Korean BBQ AND hotpot!  But, nobody was loving the idea.  L wanted to use his McD gift card he got at a birthday party to buy his own dinner.  M just wanted to stay home.  Hubby just wanted to eat and come home to get on the machine.  I wasn’t that hungry.  And to spend so much money ($26 for adults, $14 kids) for so much food that nobody is craving, I feel like would be a waste of money.    So we picked up my cousin who was down for anything, and went to our local restaurant for Chinese dishes.

  • corn soup
  • sizzling hotplate
  • chicken chow mien (Cantonese Style)
  • salt and pepper deep fried squid
  • white rice

Back home we did our night time routine after a late night…,,wake sleeping kids from car.  Have them whine.  Get them in the house.  Change clothes.  Try and wake/nag them to brush their teeth first.  Sometimes it works.  Have them conk out to do it all over again tomorrow.


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