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Maternity Leave – Day 2 – 38-weeks and 4 -days: Barfing

Another day  of getting up early to make kids a hot breakfast and lunch.

  • M’s Breakfast – toasted bagel with butter
  • M’s Lunch and Snacks – Yogurt, grilled cheese sandwich, rice crispy treat, apple slices, water bottle, 2 juice boxes of peach iced tea and a kool aid
  • L’s Breakfast – congee
  • L’s Lunch and Snacks – yogurt, cheese fajitas , fruit roll up, apple slices, water bottle, 2 juice boxes of iced tea and a kool aid

The day was not as productive as yesterday.  Did some dishes.  Watched some t.v.  Then went to try and take a nap.  Unsuccessful.  So watched Buzzfeed Worth It videos.  By 1ish I was hungry and a little stir crazy.  I messaged my niece to see if she was up for some food.  She wasn’t hungry, but offered to come get me so I can hang at her place for a bit for a change of scenery.   How sweet is she?  I got all wishy washy and in the end decided to just make food at home and start prepping for dinner.

I fed the kids when they got home before their next stop.  M sat right beside me on the couch.  I asked him why he had to sit so close and even though i was starting to get too hot, I appreciated he still wants to be close with his mom.

While they were out I ate L’s left over lunch.  Belly full I went to chill and lie down.  I was not feeling well.  Not sure if it was my high BP 148/108 or the left over lunch.  I figured I’d take a shower, but the nausea was getting worse.  I barfed.  Several times.  So much acidic liquid and chunks.  Went back into the shower to clean up and then tried to take a nap.   Have another OB appointment coming up this week.  See how it goes!







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