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Maternity Leave – Day 1 – 38-weeks and 3-days: More Mucus Plug

It’s my first day officially on Maternity Leave.  It is such a stress relief to not have to face any of those deadlines and deliverables!  I slept in till 7am and made the kids hot breakfast and lunch.  I can totally see myself pinning tons of ridiculous lunch ideas on Pinterest and being “that mom”.  You know the one…..they have websites dedicated to all the Pinterest Fails. LOL  We’ll see!

  • M’s Breakfast – Mac and Cheese, juice box of Iced Tea
  • M’s Lunch and Snacks – Yogurt, Mac and Cheese, bear paw, apple slices, water bottle, 2 juice boxes of peach iced tea
  • L’s Breakfast – congee, banana & orange smoothie
  • L’s Lunch and Snacks – yogurt, congee, rice crispy treat, apple slices, water bottle, 2 juice boxes of iced tea, some sun flower seeds

Their breakfast and lunch wasn’t anything to write home about, but I think better than the McD breakfast my husband would normally get them and the lunches they come home half eaten or not eaten at all.   He tries.  God bless him.

At 38-weeks and 3-days pregnant, sleep wasn’t too bad except still getting up 3-4 times in the night to pee before waking up at 7am.  How sad that I think that wasn’t too bad??  I guess just prepping me for the sleepless nights of breastfeeding.  Ever since my previous miscarriages I always check the tissue after I wipe.  Every. Single.Time.  Well, this morning’s 7am wipe after my pee brought on more mucus plug, but this time instead of tinged brown it was red and more then last time.  Warned kids that things are moving along.  They might have a new brother or sister when they come back.  Who knows!  Exciting and terrifying at the same time.  I’m chilling at home trying to to relax as my BP is getting a bit out of control.  152/108 was the highest over the weekend.  This morning it was 108/88 so chilling is helping 🙂







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