37-weeks 1-day menstrual like cramps

On Saturday, July 8th when I was 37-weeks and 1-day I had low-level menstrual like cramps all day.  You know the back ground noise that is menstrual cramps.  I felt it all day.  We stayed home because I really thought “it” was going to happen.  I was just waiting for my water to break.  It never did break.  On Sunday everything was ‘normal’.  Just chilled out most of the day.  Went for breakfast.  Relaxed.  Went out to watch the Despicable Me 3 and ate 2 bags of popcorn.

I had my OB appointment on Monday.  My blood pressure is consistently high these past couple of weeks.  The OB said if I haven’t given birth by next week, we need to talk about an inducement date.  WHAT?!  I’m still at work and want to enjoy a few days off!

Tuesday I went to work and stayed late to make sure I cleaned out my desk, submit all the maternity leave paperwork, etc.  I knew it was going to be a long day.  I hate asking for help, but knew I would not be up to rushing home to take my kid out.  I messaged my niece and she was kind to take him for me.  Otherwise it would be a 12-hour day before I got back uptown to take him for another 2.5 hours.  She and her hubby saved me and kiddo had a great time with them.  I went home with my swollen feet and high blood pressure and just lied down as soon as I got in after my 14-hour day so far.

swollen feet


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