Is that my mucus plug? 36-weeks 3-days

I have had a few things come up, but haven’t felt like putting in the full eloquence in my writing so I kept holding off.  But, now that weeks have gone by, I figure I’ll just write it down so I can remember.  All the extra nuances and feelings that usually accompany some of my posts will just have to be for next time.  Better to at least right down the facts as I remember them than not at all!

Some TMI info coming up.  You’ve been warned.  Last week on July 3rd I went to the bathroom and when I wiped this time I had some slightly tinted brown mucus like stuff on the tissue.  It wasn’t a lot.  Maybe about 2 inches long.  After using some of my Googling skills I’ve learned it could possibly be my mucus plug.  Then had to google WTF is a mucus plug.  I thought this site explained it well and even had some pics.  Mine was not that long.  Not that brown nor red.  But, similiar in texture.

Yikes!  Does that mean the baby is coming this week??


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