25-weeks and counting

The slow digestion is unreal!  I’ve looked it up and the internet has said that it’s due to all the progesterone my body is producing during the pregnancy.   Some days it feels like a big balloon stretched to the point my belly is itchy.  Can you say “stretch marks”?  So bloated.  So much heartburn.  I’m slowly starting the waddle.  The one where your centre of gravity is off because your baby/belly is growing beyond your normal body shape.  My sleep is off.  I don’t get up to pee as often as before. Also, before my arms would fall asleep and I’d wake up to flip to my other side and my arm was numb.  Sometimes the opposite side of the side I was lying on.  Weird.  But, now I’m wake up to flip sides and can’t fall back asleep.  My blood pressure is lower, which is great.  I think that might be the norm in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

6-months pregnant

I’m slowly gathering what I need.  Bought many of the big items – a baby car seat, stroller, play pen, glider chair, etc.  I don’t want a baby shower and ask people for stuff.  Did that with my first only.  I’m not comfortable with asking people to buy me stuff.  The idea of a wedding with a registry and trying to pay for it is just too stressful.  But, in my heart I’d still like to have a wedding where my dad walks me down the isle and does a father-daughter dance.  I’d still like to do a baby shower just because I’d like to gather the family around to be together.  As everyone grows up and gets jobs, moves out of the parental home, some marry, some have kids and others travel, we only seem to get together at Christmas.  I have many cousins that are the sisters that I never had.  We keep saying lets do a cousins get together, but life is busy and unless we plan 6-months ahead, it still hasn’t happened.

Thankfully, my cousin-sister has helped me with a first pass through in clearing out the baby room.  Franklin has thrown out some big pieces to help clear it out and fixed the change table.  Thanks to another cousin for the change table pad.  Now I just have to do maybe one or two more real attempts at the baby room and we can try we’ve made a real dent to making this ready.  Franklin still have to put together the crib and I’m done for the most part.  Next will be doing loads of baby laundry.  I kept most of the kids’ clothes because in my heart I’ve always wanted to try for my little girl.

OBGYN appointment coming up.  He had mentioned that the next visit we would do some paper work to do the gestational diabetes test.  I didn’t have it with either kids, so I’m hoping not to have it with this baby either.  Will update with the results.



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