22-weeks Pregnant

When I went for the follow-up ultrasound I found out that at the last ultrasound they couldn’t get a picture of baby’s hands.  To be thorough and ensure baby is physically sound they wanted me to come back and check the hands.  I didn’t know this, but at the 20-week scan they are doing an anatomy scan.  They’ll check the lungs, heart, brain, body, etc.  Everything looks great!  A healthy baby will make everything all right.

I also had my OBGYN appointment that afternoon.  I’ve gained 15-lbs so far.  Yikes!  Nothing alarming he says, but I’m feeling like a blimp.  If I hear anymore “are you having twins” funny not-funny, I’m going to kill someone.  Found out that my placenta is closer to my cervix then normal.  I’ll have another ultrasound again at 30-weeks to follow up and see if it’s a problem.   I asked if this why I was bleeding earlier.  Maybe….

I got home and Google tells me I have a pregnancy complication called Placenta Praevia.  My placenta is 2.6 cm from the cervix where it should be a minimum of 3 cm.  Basically what I get is the placenta attaches the the uterus wall anywhere.  Mine happens to have attached closer to the cervix.  As my uterus grows the placenta will move with the growth.  The placenta doesn’t move, but as the uterus stretches the placement of the placenta stays in place but moves.  I know I”m not explaining this well.  Think of it like, this draw a dot on a deflated balloon close to the tip.  Now, blow up the balloon.  As the balloon expands, the dot moves distance between the dot and tip are further away.  The dot never moved, but it’s distance expands due to the growth of the balloon.

My blood pressure is so much better this second semester.  The night time barfing is way down.  I’m still having heart burn though.  The baby is moving so much more.  I LOVE IT!  Sometimes it’s a bit too hard, but it’s still cool.  I remember this.  I will never feel this again so each movement is so cool. I keep waking up in the night to pee which is messing with my sleep.  I guess getting me ready with my sleep deprivation when baby comes. LOL!  My emotions are still up and down. Happy, sad, angry, content, bored, overwhelmed and just unsure.   With all those emotions, lack of sleep, and pee breaks, I love it all.

I love being pregnant meme


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