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A New Ride on This Health Fair Grounds- Yah! (Sarcasm)

A new emotional rollercoaster ride that is Franklin’s health.  I didn’t want to write about it, but with my pregnancy hormones and life as it is, the extra bump is just too much to keep bottled up and I need to get it out of my mind and heart, if even for only for a short time while I write.

It started last week.  Just a little blood when he pooped.  Not a huge deal.  But, then Saturday comes along and it’s filled the bowl red.  He’s starting to freak out.

Rewind.  Let’s start with the plans for the day.  I go for breakfast with a couple of my cousins.  He goes to brunch and shopping with the kids, his mom and brother.  Should be a good, right?  Well, my brunch ends close to the time he was to meet his family and I’m close by, so figured I’d join them.  Not to eat, but just to show my belly.  I don’t see their car in the parking lot.  Maybe their running late.  No surprise.  So I wait a bit and just play games on my phone.  Ten minutes later I text.  He’s not feeling well and going home.  His family is already on their way up and will meet him at our house.  Ugh.  I’m annoyed.  I haven’t cleaned up the house for company!  It’s not a big deal I guess, so I start heading home.

As I’m driving home I get a text.  I don’t look at it right away because using your phone while driving is not safe and just stupid.  I sing along to the radio and enjoy the ignorant bliss of not knowing what awaits me.  When I get to the stop light, I pick it up and read his message “I think I need to go to the hospital”.   I’m desensitized.  I respond “I’m 10 minutes out on blah blah blah Street” and don’t even ask.  There’s no point.  I’m driving and I need to get there ASAP.  He never suggests going, so I know it’s serious.  If anyone else is a spouse of someone who has renal failure, you’ll know the last place they want to go is to the hospital.

As I drive onto the parking lot he’s standing outside on the porch.

Me: So, what’s going on?

Him:  I was feeling ill this morning and went to use the bathroom when I got home.  There was a lot of blood.  I’ll just drive myself down and you stay home with the kids.

Me:  Slow down.  How much is a lot?

Him:  It filled the bowl.

Me:  What colour was it?

Him:  Blood colour

Me: *Sigh*  Was it red? black? clots? Was it just on your poop?  How was your poop?  Long and smooth?  floating?  (check out my most popular post about Stool Analysis)

My brain starts kicking in about what needs to be done to get this guy to the hospital, who will watch the kids, etc.  I don’t want him driving himself down in case they have to do invasive testing and he cannot drive himself back.

Plan A:  Ask my dad to watch kids and I will drive us down to the hospital.

He readily agrees and I know he is scared and wants me there to support him.  I go in and tell kids to get ready.  But, as we wait for his family to drive up and I feel the baby moving, I think we need an alternative plan.  I don’t want to wait for hours in the Emergency Room (ER) while I’m heavily pregnant.  I don’t want to drive down there where my belly is now only inches away from the steering wheel.

Plan B:  His family can drive down and be there with him.  I’ll stay home with the kids.  When he needs to come home I’ll drive down with kids to pick him up or make arrangements if he has to stay.

We go with Plan B.  The little guy is feeling hot and complaining of a headache.  He feels hot and confirm with the temperature checker aka thermometer that he has a slight fever.  We only have children’s Advil so it will have to do.  His family arrives and after some restroom breaks they are off.  Franklin texts me on their drive down.  He’s getting frustrated.  His brother is still relatively new.  I think maybe a year or two since he’s bought his car.  So, driving the speed limit in the left lane on the high way, slowing down way too much before changing lanes.  You know.  New driver stuff.   It takes them over an hour and 20 minutes to get there.  It should be ~35-45 minutes without traffic.

I email my immediate family:

“Franklin pooped blood.  He had a little blood  last couple of bowel movements, but today he was feeling ill this morning while out with kids, and when go got home it filled the toilet.  He is not in pain and said he feels fine. 

We were to meet his mom and brother for lunch.  So, they were already driving up here.  They drove him to Toronto General hospital.  I’m home with kids.  I’ll go pick franklin up later…hopefully. 

The younger one has a slight fever at 38.1, but not feeling well.

Just letting you know in case I need you.


As we chill at home the older boy gets restless and wants to hang with his grandfather.  We call him to ask and push it a little further and ask if he can also pick him up.  He’s out, but says yes to it all and should be done in an hour or two.  With my super hearing I hear two faint honks and I instinctively go and check.  Dad is waiting in his car on the driveway.  He asks where’s the little one.  Is he coming?

After they leave me I spoon feed my little guy, bring the cup with a straw to his lips and I hold him while we watch T.V.  A few hours later, he slowly starts getting a little more energy, isn’t as whiney and his temperature has comes down.  He starts to bounce around and wants to go to his grandfather’s house.  We play some games, watch a few more shows and eat some sweet treats.

Franklin’s finally been seen. Initial guess it could be a fissure or hemorrhoids. There’s several tests and exams – check platelet count to see if he’s lost too much blood.  They do not see any fissures nor hemorrhoids and will be referring him to a gastrointestinal specialist.  The bleeding could be happening further up.  He can leave now.  WHAT?  Why can’t they test for it now?!  They ER doctors are saying that since he’s not in pain, has no fever and that his blood work is ok, that he can wait to see the specialist.  He will likely still have bloody stool, but if he starts feeling dizzy (loses too much blood), has pain or fever, then he can see his family doctor or come back to the ER.

So, now we wait for the appointment and wait and see.

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