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Another Early Morning Call Out

I am in a deep sleep.  The kind where you you get some crust in your eyes.  But, it’s not much because at 4:45 am I get awoken in an all too familiar way…”LISA!”  I am wake and the house is silent.  I thought for a second I was dreaming.  Then I hear “can you rub my belly?”.

My stomach drops.  The fear freezes my heart.  Is this another precursor to it happening?  Another bowel obstruction?  My mind instantly goes to making contingency plans.

  • Calling into work
  • who can watch my kids
  • how to get down to the hospital

As I rub his belly clockwise, then counter clockwise, then clockwise I mentally tell myself to be just take it one minute at a time.  It’s Sunday (thank God) and hopefully this will pass and not be an actual block.  There’s never a good time to call into work, but tomorrow I am training and the other trainer is also scheduled, so I don’t have a back up.  Push comes to shove it wouldn’t matter.  He will always come before work.

He falls asleep at 6 AM.  I am wide awake.  I play on my phone – read some of my ebook, play some Tsum Tsum, Word Hero and review some articles on Ovia Pregnancy app.  I check in on the kids at 7 AM.  They are awake and lying in their beds.  The 3.5 of us lying together on one bed.  We hang out and talk.  About everything and nothing.  No tablets today.  It doesn’t go over well.  But, they survive because I let them play some X-Box on the TV.  Thirty minutes each.  But, after an hour they are just griping to each other.

  • Give me my turn
  • Let me just finish this
  • What should I do?
  • Let me do it for you
  • Just tell me
  • Don’t tell me what to do
  • It’s my turn now
  • Save it!
  • It’s my turn and I don’t want to save it
  • Save it!

OK.  I’m done.  Now NO ONE plays and the game and t.v. go off.  They eat some cha-sui (aka bbq pork) and I have some plain fried egg noodles.  We drink some mango-water (1/3 mango juice, 2/3 water, lots of ice) and I break down and have some brownie s’mores we made the other day (layers of brownie, marshmallow, and graham crackers) and some vanilla ice cream.  I’ve been craving that for every night for the waste two nights, but at 10 PM i might as well just paste it to my butt.  Not that eating it at 9 AM isn’t much better, but I just had to have some.

The kids find their spray water bottles and start spraying the dishes in the sink.  That quickly moved to them spraying each other.  They can either play outside or take a bath and spray in the tub until their hearts content.  They choose outside.  I suggest they fill their water bottles with some drops of food colouring so before spraying the snow.  Well, 60 minutes later and they finished TWO packages of food colouring and somehow filled the sandbox with water.  One spray bottle filled with water at a time.  I put an end to getting anymore water once I see that.  Now they just play outside as I watch The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie.

Of course it doesn’t last forever.  They come in and want to watch with me.  Nope!  Now none of use can watch.  Fortunately, I taped American Ninja Warrior show and we’ll be content for at least another 30 minutes.  Franklin is still sleeping which I guess is a good sign…better then yelling in pain.  At 12 PM it’s time to feed the monsters again.

I have no idea what the rest of the day will bring.  Nor if tomorrow will be a good or bad day.  But, for now, he is asleep, the kids are getting along, and I am content.


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