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Transplant – Where Do We Stand?

Another appointment after many tests and meeting.  But, this time it’s with the Big Cheese.  The Nephrologist that will tell us if we have a go-no go status that will give us a chance at dialysis freedom.  We review some of his history:

  • 2002 – kidney transplant
  • 2006 – tranplant failure
  • 2008 – stroke

Hearing some of this makes me feel like a survivor.  Strength of a lioness for my lion.  It feels like another life.  Where I had my new born and my lion was suffering a stroke.  Where he fell down the stairs while holding our precious son and protected our newborn with his body taking all the pain.  I remember him at the bottom of the stairs screaming and our son not even aware nor crying.  We have been through some hard times.  Some where other marriages would be crushed and end we have grown stronger and inseparable.

Anyway, back to today’s appointment.  Are we able to get on The List to receive a cadaver kidney for transplant?  Can we atempt a transplant with a live donor?  Live donor….is his younger brother’s offer still an option?  I ask franklin about my doubt about that and he says without hesitation that of course it is.  They are brothers.

This topic brings up all fears that we look beyond to face each day.  He is here and in decent shape for the most part.  We had an absolute shit day yesterday,  but today is a new day and it’s pure sunshine in comparison.  It breaks my heart when I hear others have a line up of family willing to donate and we do not.  We have his one last brother we can ask since his middle brother donated the first time (bless him).

Before even broaching the subject with his youngest brother there are still more tests the Big Cheese is requesting now.

  • Doppler
  • Stress test
  • Complement test

Then yet another appointment to discuss.  Franklin is a complicated case.  From 99% antibodies, possible reoccurence of membromeproliferative  glomemlenephritis, de-sensitization, etc. we are at a huge disadvantage.  I l8ve donor is a glimmer of hope, but even then it would still just be a hope, not a guarantee.

To cap off the appointment with the Big Cheese, we enjoy lunch at Mongolian Grill with two cups of halo halo.  Yum!


4 thoughts on “Transplant – Where Do We Stand?

  1. You have strength of spirit and a pulse that grows with your life experiences. I am certain there are days that you feel that both body and spirit are at a low… Just breath, think positively and pace yourself to regroup your strengths. Always know you are unique and special. I send much positive energy. Xxx

    • oh, dear Evy. no matter the time nor distance, you still know me deep inside more than most. i am drained some days….mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. i breath for them…for him. i know i am blessed and most days appreciate the love and happiness they bring me. great to hear from you in anyway xoxo

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