Gender Reveal at the 20-week ultrasound

So much anticipation led up to today’s 20-week ultrasound.

Besides telling myself I’d find out the baby’s gender I thought I’d met at least the minimum threshold for them to save the baby if anything was wrong.  I had some spotting early on and each time I called into the doctors office they always asked if I was under 20-weeks.  I deduced that 20-weeks was the magic number to ensure the baby could be saved.  I must admit I have not been overly excited until the 20-week mark.  I was starting to get excited today.  I finally made it.  I wanted to wait before telling anyone until 20-weeks, but, after Googling “how many weeks before viable baby” maybe I should hold off a few more weeks.   Why did I look it up?  As they say “Ignorance is bliss”.   Not sure when I can truly enjoy this last pregnancy and let go of all my fears.

But about today.  I ate a spicy sausage this morning as part of breakfast.  Boy, did that get baby moving (and my bowels! LOL).  By the time I went to my ultrasound today my belly settled down so I ate another piece AND a piece of chocolate to try and ensure the baby was moving and we could find out the gender.  The whole gang (hubby and kids) came with me to have the reveal of who the latest addition to our family will be.

Before the ultrasound started I stated that I wanted to find out the gender and that my family was waiting outside.  That my understanding from the last u/s technician was that we would complete the 20-week ultrasound then bring in the kids.  She confirmed that would be the process which was great because that’s what I told the kids to expect.  I hop onto the table and advises that she has many measurements to take and may not talk much while focusing to complete them, but not to worry.  I appreciated the heads up as I know my mind would be racing in the passing minutes of silence.

I pulled my pants down just past my hips and pulled up my t-shirt as she squirted the warm gel onto my growing belly.  It seemed to take longer than the other u/s.  I try and control my breather.  I start thinking if everything is OK.  I close my eyes and listen to her clicks on the computer as she glides over my belly.  I peek occasionally at her to see if she has furrowed brows or something that would indicate if there was a problem.  She’s pushing down a little hard on my lower abdomen and apologizes as says “Sorry for the pressure.  I’m just trying to move your baby’s head that’s blocking an area I need to get a picture of”.  I tell her it’s ok as I slow smile creeps onto my face and a swell of happiness hearing the words “my baby”.  She has me lie on my side, then my back, then on my other side.

She finally calls the family in.  I apologize and ask if it’s too late to get pictures.  As she shows us all the heart beating, the arms, legs, head, etc.  the boys ask if the leg was the penis. LOL They want another brother.  But as she shows us more and more she can’t show  us what we are all waiting to hear.  The baby is not in a position that she can say with certainty if it is a male or female.  Nor could she get that last picture she needed.

She asks for me to speak with the receptionist to make a follow up appointment.  Unfortunately, the kids won’t be there as they’ll be back in school, but now my anticipation to find out is peaked.  Franklin said he could just tell me, but I want to see it for myself on the screen.  Silver lining is I’ll find out at the next ultrasound and we can do a fun gender reveal for the kids later.

I didn’t think much of having to come back again at the time.  The u/s images seems normal (but what the heck do I know).  She did try to re-position the baby.  But, now as I write this and my pessimistic mind has a chance to over think things I am worried again.  God, I pray the baby is healthy.


7 thoughts on “Gender Reveal at the 20-week ultrasound

    • Ikr?! If I didn’t have so many other things going on I’d think about it all the time. Ah well, hopefully baby is fine and I’ll just find out next week. Suez will hopefully come with me. Door is always open if you want to come. Totally understand if you didn’t. Wasn’t sure if I should even offer. Just know I love you.

  1. Really glad to hear all is ok. Sometimes the experience of pregnancy is a little too clinical (for good reason) but really try to enjoy it. When I could feel my babies kicking I would go into nirvana, like the world would stop… It is both a blessing and a miracle… Enjoy it, think positive… sending lots of positive energy! !!!! Xxx

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement, Evy. Xoxo. I cherish these moments. The feeling of the baby’s movements especially. It is like no other feeling I’ll experience again. Even the heartburn, constipation, nausea, sore breasts, and the crazy mood swings will be just part of this miraculous ride that I’ll try and remember forever.

      I never had this fear with my other kids. Being nieve has its benefits lol

      Say hello to the family from me!

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