Find Out The Sex Of The Baby?

I don’t know the sex.  Hubby knows.  I was thinking to find out at the 20-week ultrasound next week, but on the fence.  He hasn’t told anyone because I don’t want anyone messing up and inadvertently telling me.  His mom is dying to know if she’s going to finally have a granddaughter.  I don’t ask Franklin what it is.  If I wanted to know I could find out myself.   And I don’t want to put him in an awkward situation of whether he should tell me or not.  I’ll yell at him if he gives it away, so why bother asking?
But, I think it’s a boy.  I was throwing out names and a girl name I gave before he found out he didn’t like.  When I saw it now, he’s like “that’s fine”.   Must be a boy cause he doesn’t care what girl name.  Right?!  All I want is healthy.  Of course I’d love to have my little girl. If it’s a boy, I’m going to have to install a freaking urinal!   LOL
Based on old wives’ tales on how to tell if you are having a boy or girl here’s how I’m having a girl!
  1. Heart Beat – If your unborn baby’s heart rate is above 140 beats per minute, you’re carrying a girl, and lower means a boy.
    1. Mine was 155 at the last OB appointment
  2. What side do you like to sleep on – If you prefer sleeping on your left side, you‘ll have a boy. Right side?
    1. I prefer my right.  Although, I do flip back and forth because my arm goes numb and my back hurts and the heartburn
  3. Dry hands– Your hands are dry then you’re having a boy.
    1. My hands are a bit dry.  It is winter at the moment.  But, not super dry all the time.  That counts, right?

There are others that would indicate a boy based on the old wives’ tales, but we won’t pay attention to those.

A gender reveal party sounds like fun.  So many fun ideas on Pinterest.  But, my dad doesn’t want to know.  He made it pretty clear not to tell him.  How would I have a party without my dad there?!

To find out or not find out…..I’m just not sure.

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