Pregnant and Constipated

For the past few weeks it has been a bloated constipated nightmare.

Pre-pregnancy I would poop within 30 minutes of waking up every day.  Evvvvery. Daaay.  I eat fruit most days.  Water is my drink of choice.  I was regular!  Now, it’s nuggets if I’m lucky enough to poop that morning.  I’m so full of shit.  Literally!  I eat two bites then I’m so bloated that I am uncomfortable and can’t eat anymore.

Taking some extreme measures hubby went and bought me a 1.5 litre of prune juice.  I mix 50-50 of prune juice and apple juice.  Because lets be real.  Prune juice tastes gross.  Apple juice makes it barely tolerable.  Surprisingly, kid #2 likes it after he took a drink and finished my cup.  Kid #1 was turned off by the colour and wouldn’t even try.

I drank about 2-3 glasses a day for a few days.  That got things softened and moving.  Probably a bit too fast. LOL!  Thankfully, I was home and close to a bathroom with the fan on.  My belly reduced so much after a few bathroom sessions!  It was a noticeable difference.  I didn’t realize that I was that bloated.  I just thought I was looking very pregnant early on as I’m a few pregnancies in at this stage in life.

I laid off the prune/apple juice this week.  I’m still pooping, but I can tell things are starting to get backed up again.  Eat more fiber the internet keeps telling me.  Ugh.  I just want gourmet burgers, chunky fries with gravy and a bubbly pop.  I rarely cave in to the craving as I’m already a chunky monkey even before this excuse I can use came along.  I wonder if I cave in if it will go away or just awaken a beast?

Any suggestions fellow problem poopers?


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