30 day writing challenge

What I Ate Today – Day 8

I’ve been meaning to write more and put this 30-day challenge to rest, but there was a bit of Paralysis by Analysis for this particular post.  I wanted to take a picture of each meal/snack I ate to accompany the post.  I have so many pics of my breakfast for the past few days.  But by lunch pictures fell to the way side.   I finally got the majority yesterday, so without further delay I blog Day 8’s What I Ate Today.

: breakfast bar pick ups – sunny side up egg, boiled egg, piece if bacon, a breakfast sausage link, a few breakfast potato hash, homemade cucumber/tomato/onion/cilantro.  I usually pick up a salad, but since I made salad for the week I ate some of that.


Breakfast Drinks: Cappuccino and water

2016-05-18 07.36.28

Side note:  here’s today’s breakfast shots20160518_082344

Snack 1: banana and peanut butter wrap.  A bit bigger than a typical snack, but I had a 12-1pm web-meeting and wanted to hit the gym before eating lunch.



Lunch: small glass of 1% milk – as per The Husband I should have a glass of chocolate milk after I workout to replace protein or something like that.  1% is close enough, right?

Salad – tomato/cucumber/red onion/cilantro/ avocado salad from breakfast but with an added 1/2 can tuna and some bean salad left over from a previous lunch.  So yummy!

2016-05-18 07.37.00

Side note:  here’s today’s lunch shots


Snack 2: Greek yogurt and cereal – I’m usually hungry by the end of the work day.  Dinner is still far away with my long a$$ commute and even when I get home dinner still needs to be figured out mist of the time if there isn’t a kids activity to go to.

Mix cereal into yogurt cup.  Creamy and crunchy deliciousness with only a spoon to drop off into the servery at work.



Dinner: 1 Jamaican patty – picked up a dozen frozen uncooked awesome Jamaican patties from Golden Patty in Kensington Market.


Heated up some left over rice and braised pork from a previous dinner to feed L, as M was at one of his activities. L ate 90% and under the mommy diet, I ate his left overs.

Water throughout the day.  It’s my preferred drink of choice.  Glad I blogged about yesterday instead of one of my days last week where I had this delicious larocca turtle tart



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