30 day writing challenge

Five Pet Peeves – Day 7

Trying to get back on track with this 30-day writing challenge.  Surprisingly, I started th7is back in 2014.  So, we obviously see it’s more than 30-days.  Maybe I should call it the 30-topic challenge.  Anywho, the challenge is back on and I’m onto Day/topic 7 – Five Pet Peeves.  How do I narrow this down to just five?!  A ramble about 500 off the top of my head, but was able to shorten the list by narrowing it down to things that just peeve me off, not hate.  So, from that 480 here are 5 of them in no particular order.


1.  Rude Ass people – So many in this word.  So many examples.  The ones who don’t say “thank you” when you hold the door for them.  I was being nice, asshole.  I’m not your door servant!  The ones who cut in line when I’ve patiently and Canadianly waited my turn.  Bud in front of others, but not in front of me, buddy!  People who talk down to others.  Servers are still people, not your personal servants to wipe your ass.  They just serve up your food!  People who don’t give us their seats to the elderly, disabled, or pregnant.  This was more on my hate list, but figured I could still use them under ‘rude ass people’ category

bad driver

2.  Shitty drivers – These people don’t know how to drive.  If people are passing you on your right-side, get the hell out of the left lane.  I understand you think you are doing the speed limit and feel just in going about your merry way, but do it in the RIGHT lane.  The left lane is for passing slow mofos like you.  The speed limit is a given +10-20 depending if you are driving on a major road or highway.  This speed logic does not apply to residential neighbourhoods.  You MFs need to slow the F down!  My kids play in the front of the house sometimes!  I’m also going to add shitty parkers to this list, because it is a direct result of their shitty driving.  If I almost miss another commuter train to get to work because someone is over the line and now I have to search for another one….I will SCREAM!


3.  Slow walkers/Standing in the middle of everyone trying to get somewhere – Every morning during my commute when I try to get to my tower it’s the same thing.  I understand people walk at different speeds, but then keep it to the right.  I’m speed walking my way through and always get held up by some a-hole looking at their phone walking slow AF.  These same people will see someone they know and just STOP and chat while everyone is trying to ‘swim up stream’ and have to walk around them.  Move off to the side and have your conversation you inconsiderate jerks!

order your food

4.  People who don’t have their shit together when ordering fast food – There are a multitude of food courts in the financial district.  One in every tower.  So, almost ALWAYS there’s a queue to order.  Know what the F you want when it becomes your turn.  We’ve all waited long enough to just get our food, without having to waste more minutes of my life I will never get back because you are now all ‘duh’ when the workers ask you what you want.  And have your money ready when you have to pay!

Impatiently Waiting

5.  People who are late (more than 15-minutes) – This is hilariously funny as I am often late.  It was a lot worse before.  Like HOURS late, but now I’m more 15-minutes ish late.  Everyone needs wiggle room, I get it.   Life is like that and I can be understanding, but if it’s more than 15-minutes, then you are telling yourself the latest possible time and hoping to get there within 15-minutes late then blaming Life for slowing you down.  GTFO!


All the above at one point in my life I’m sure I’ve done.  I’ve eradicated most, but sometimes it still happens.  I’m only human.  And sometimes I’m just having a bad day.  But, at least I’ve recognized it and try to do better.  If you see yourself on this list, try to do better too!  This is why they are pet peeves and not on my ‘hate’ list.  They annoy me, but I won’t totally hate you 🙂



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