30 day writing challenge

My Views On Mainstream Music – Day 6

Still committed to this 30-day (topic) challenge.  Today’s topic du journey,  My Views On Mainstream Music.

Funny side story before I give you my views on mainstream music.  There was a commercial on TV selling Time Life music compilation CDs of 70s music.  My brother was singing along to every song and I didn’t know any.  In my snotty shit-don’t-stink youth attitude, I laughed at him and said “How OLD are you that they made a DECADES worth of music that sucks?!”.  Oh boy.  Karma always serves its justice.  Sweet or bitter depending who it’s being served.  Now every time I see something like that I chuckle to myself and think “I’m f’ING old”.

But, I digress.  What are my views on mainstream music?  In my old fart voice “the music today sucks and lacks soul”.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s probably 5 songs that are good, but for the most part I still seek MY decades music of the 90s and 2000s.  The mainstream music is not breaking ground with new genres, sounds, etc.  It has a musical hook, a chorus that’s on repeat 600 times throughout the song and wack ass lyrics.  Hotline Bling by Drake is a perfect example.  Check the lyrics here.  Or almost anything by Justin Beiber.  The shit is so commercial.  I do LOVE Adele’s Hello.  Something about it and her voice is very haunting.    Remixes of the commercial stuff has helped me accept it a little more.

What kind of music do you like?


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