30 day writing challenge

Bullet My Day – Day 4

Day 4 of the 30-day writing challenge has me bullet pointing my day.  My initial thoughts are:

  1. This is going to be a TL:DR post because I went to bed after midnight last night
  2. I am not going to share the “too personal” details – poops, love making, hygiene activities, picking my nose, etc.  As I write this, now you might fill in the blanks with a personal detail….fail
  3. I’m thinking of ending this list by end of business hours as I don’t care to share after work activities to total strangers who read this.  Stalkers….just saying.

Ok. Let’s do this!

  • Reset fitbit I bought Franklin and challenging him after helping him set it up – I have reservations about this already because he can be a real jerk face in the spirit of competition.  But I want him to be motivated to move
  • Play with phone in bed – it’s late AF but I just finished shopping and prepping some foods for The Kid’s bday party and I’m “unwinding”.  I look at the time and start mentally calculating how much time before my alarm will go off
  • Silence wake up alarm and go back to sleep
  • Get ready for work like I’m being timed for a world record
  • Amazing Race style to catch GO train
  • Start blog post
  • Shuffle with the rest of the drones off the train
  • Buy breakfast  – 2 Sunnyside up eggs, 1 breakfast sausage link, 5 small home fries potatoes, and salad.  It’s breakfast buffet style that’s charged by weight.  It’s always a crap shoot what the total will be when I go to pay
  • Login to work PC
  • Take the stairs and make myself a bottle of lemon water and a thermos of cappuccino coffee – I take the stairs down and up the 5 flights to try and build up my fitbit stats
  • work work work work work work
  • Decide to either bail on lunch plans and go to gym or go for lunch
  • Go with coworkers for lunch to Sweet Lulu as one of the coworkers is leaving the firm – delicious!   First time I’ve been and it did not disappoint
  • work work work work work work
  • Put on jacket and contemplate leaving the dirty dishes on my desk then leisurely walk to the train or clean my desk, “wash my hands”, and then rush as a suburban mom who’s already missed her regular train home in a brisk and determined fashion
  • Clean my desk, “wash my hands”, and then rush as a suburban mom who’s already missed her regular train home in a brisk and determined fashion
  • Weave through hundreds of commuters including a bunch of kids on a class trip
  • Sigh loudly at the people who are too slow, stop in front of me in the middle of the wave of people  so they can check the train schedule monitors and people who are too slow/blocking the Presto machine I need to tap my payment
  • Walk up 500 stairs to reach the platform then walk down to my train carriage that will let me off at the spot with the least walking when I reach my stop
  • Squeeze through the legs of the seat pod of 4 to get to the last empty seat
  • Get annoyed because the girl across from me is talking into her earphones’ wire
  • Eyeball the guy who is sitting sideways in his seat with his legs in the aisle rather than the pod
  • Finish blog post

Real life begins…



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