30 day writing challenge

A Book I Love – Day 3

Still trying to keep up to complete the 30 day writing challenge.  Today’s topic – A book I Love.  This is a little tough.  Although I love to read, I can’t name a book I love.   But, one that sticks out for me is Under The Hawthorn Tree by Ai Mi .  It was recommended by my dad.  We don’t talk books, so when he suggested it I went out and bought the book the next day.  At the end of the book is the real surprise and moved me to tears.  To TEARS!  That felt great.  And it was great to see it written from a Chinese perspective.  I’ve grown up knowing more about Western pop culture that I could be your dial-a-friend if you were on a game show.  Now as I get older, I crave to learn more about Chinese and Jamaican culture that I didn’t appreciate knowing when I was a kid.  I could relate to many of the instances in Amy Tan‘s books.  You’ve probably heard of Joy Luck Club as it was made into a movie and had some commercial success.


I mainly enjoy Chick-Lit.   It started with a plane ride down to Mexico when I was in my early 20s. I picked up a book called The Devil You Know by Louise Bagshowe.  I still remember it as the main characters were each named after flowers.  I liken this as bubble-gum for the mind.  No hard work.  Easy to read. Funny.  I’m pretty responsible these days because I choose to be a good parent, stay healthy and try to afford the extras in life, so it’s nice to escape making the ‘boring’ choices and hear about the shopping, dating, vacations, work struggles, female relationships and all the silliness of dramatics and good times.  Like most I’ve read the Shopaholic Series.  Author, Jen Lancaster, is what I’m reading now.

I love getting recommendations from others or having a book passed along.   I get to read things I wouldn’t normally pick up.   Someone passed along the Divergent book and that spurned me on to read the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.  Now, I’m not sure if I want to see the movies as they are usually disappointing after my mind has read more details than a movie can provide.

I wanted to get Franklin into reading and then we could talk about it after, so I went to the bookstore and talked with a knowledgeable employee.  Told him he enjoyed Sci-Fi, video games, golf and wrestling, just to name a few topics.   He made a great recommendation Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  I read it and loved it!  It’s a fun futuristic book that involves classic 80s video game, corporate greed and a scavenger hunt.  I enjoyed it so much I went back for another suggestion.  It was more Sci-Fi-y and little darker The Wind Up Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi.  I still found it a good read, but after that I needed a lighter read and went back to my chick-lit books.  Still looking to go back and get another recommendation, but later.

I also enjoy food books – desserts, juices, cook books and crochet books.  Love the glossy pictures.  Also enjoy a published cartoon books like Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County, etc.  My brother bought those when I was a kid and I read them and now enjoy them.

I’ve been into audio books for my commute.  It’s different as it’s easy to have it start becoming background noise and not pay attention to the story line.  But, with a little focus and adjustment it has been a fun distraction.  Now I can ‘read’ and crochet on the train!

I don’t want to join a book club as I don’t think I could commit to reading the book in time to meet any weekly/monthly timeline, but I would like to talk books.  Also, my chick-lit books describe it as ladies getting together to drink wine in the guise of discussing a book.


I just can’t get into self-help or leadership books.  On the surface I think they are interesting, but I find they require too much self reflection and thinking.   There are titles that seem motivational, but maybe a little later.  For now, I’ll enjoy the escapism.



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