30 day writing challenge

Something I Feel Strongly About – Day 2

I’m a couple of days behind on the challenge writing and although it’s not the true spirit of the challenge to write everyday for 30 days, I vow to do all 30 on the list!  So here’s #2 – Something I feel Strongly About.

Where do I begin?  I feel strongly about many things.  Some may even say I’m opinionated.  So to help me narrow it down, I’ve come up with a couple that will churn emotion in me that I have no control over.


  1. Abuse of power – someone trusts you and you are in control of their freedom/religion/money/emotions/etc. you must be kind, fair, and empathetic
    1. Taking advantage of or hurting against children, elderly people, women, the mentally handicapped and in lesser degree but still within consideration animals.
    2. There’s tons of people that can be on the list, but when you pick on this group I get physically angry/sad/ill.  In some cases they are the most vulnerable so when violence is inflicted I seriously wonder if the death penalty should be on the table.  There are other considerations with the justice system/religion if we consider death penalty, but castrating a motherfukcer would be ok, right?


  1. Racism
    1. There are so many examples here it makes me sick.  But, one that still sticks out is Sandra Bland.  I involuntarily was very disgusted and irate with family who question Sandra’s actions.
    2. If you don’t think it exists then you’ve never experienced it – White Privilege.  At minimum recognize it exists.  Let’s work together to under stand where POC are coming from.  Even the slight B.S. that we use terms like Ex-Pat vs. Immigrant.


  1. Rude and inconsiderate transit riders
    1. The other day the GO train was cancelled due to a death on the tracks further down the line.  As hundreds herded themselves on to the TTC an elderly lady stood beside me and held on to the pole with 2 hands.  She had thinning white hate, wrinkled hands, etc.  For those who’ve taken the transit the subway can be wobbly AF.  So I looked was eyeballing the people sitting to see if they would get up and offer her a seat.  Now one lady was legit sleeping.  Her head was rolling, etc.  But the other two were not.  The young lady closest would periodically look around.  And the youngish man did the same.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I asked the little old lady if she wanted a seat.  She said “yes”.  I loudly asked if anyone  would get up to give this lady a seat.  I held her hand to help her to the seat, and she said thanks.  I replied “I just wish I had asked earlier”
    2. Some wack job I sat beside first kept bumping my elbow in the shared arm rest as she digs into her purse for something.  There’s some passive aggressiveness by both parties as I give her some side eye.  But, when I see her pull out DENTAL FLOSS, I was shocked.  When she ripped off a piece to use it, she won.  I gave up my seat and moved.  WTF is wrong with people?  Do you really need to be told that you shouldn’t floss your f’ing teeth in public?!


There are many more.  Comment and share what you feel strongly about!




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