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Morning Talks and Cuddles

It’s a scramble most mornings like most working moms who commute.  I wake up at a ridiculous hour, snooze one too many times and get into the morning routine as if I were on the Amazing Race game show and the prize is I get to keep my job.

If I leave now I will the catch the get-me-to-work-early train, but my hair is not on point.  It would pass society’s standard since it’s clean and not a bird’s nest after I run a comb through it.  It is Monday so let’s try to look better than I feel.   Which is tired AF.

I’ll catch the next one which I associate as the get-me-to-work-just-in-time train.  I straighten my hair, add some Moroccan oil to give it a nice sheen and smooth the fly away hairs, put on ear rings, etc.  Put the details on that may make its way as a picture in my work fashion FB album.  I have too much hair and it’s taking longer than I thought (I think most tasks can be done in 5-10 minutes).  If I stop half way of straightening my hair I can make the train.  Umm…who does that?  Half way to crazy, so I figure I’ll catch the I’ll-be-slightly-late train that comes next.

I’m done “early” and remember I still need to pack my gym gear.  Meh, I have time.  I lie back down in bed so the hubby and I can talk.  I’m loving the morning talks.  But, the tardiness is not OK.  and there is no way I’m waking up earlier.  I’ll just have to enjoy it when fate has it that way.  I made a beef stew yesterday (will post the recipe later so I can remember) so he and his buddy could have some real food instead of pizza and wings while they get their WWE fix.  Of course I over analyzed the recipe because that’s what I do.  Also, it was a first time in making it and I wanted to know what he thought so I could refine it for next time.

I hear one of the kids stir in bed and I call out to let them know I’m still home.  One totters down and crawls into bed.  We talk about doing some fun kid-friendly science experiments we could do:

I get the drill sergeant holler from downstairs.  I’m going to be late!  I almost push my kid out of bed in my flurry to get the hell out of there and make the train.  The next train is I-need-to-sneak-in-and-crawl-to-my-desk train because I’ll be so late.  Of course while I’m about to go downstairs, the other kid wants a hug and good morning kiss.   What to do?!?  Make the train or give my son some loving?  It’s a no brainer.  I go to his room and give him and me what we need to face the day.  Hugs, kisses, love yous, etc.

things that matter most

I am now getting a honk outside.  By the time I get to the car there’s only 3 minutes left.  We’ve made it in 4 minutes and that was with the train in the station already.  Faaaaaaaaak!  We take off.   He’s a little fast and I tell him that if I miss it, I’ll just wait for the next.  Nope.  “my wife is not going to wait at the station”, he says.  I laugh a little inside as I grip the door handle.  My knight trying to dangerously get me there.  As we drive through I remember that I didn’t pack the gym clothes.  What the hell happened there.  I remember remembering the items and that I had tons of time.  I blink and we are Amazing Racing to the train station.

The train is there.  Other cars that have dropped off their loved ones are already leaving the station.  I am already resigned inside and accept my fate of having to wait.  But as we turn the corner BAM!  the doors are just opening.  He’s about to turn to drive down the parking lot to get me to the usual drop off point so I don’t have to walk through the train, but I yell to just go straight and stop!  As I get out of the door the conductor is advising that the doors will be closing.  I RUN and make it in just as the doors are closing.  F-yah!  I didn’t tap to pay and hope that one of the checkers don’t come one between now and the next stop.

I walk through the entire train which is a Pain In The A$$ (PITA) as other commuters can attest that the doors can be hard to open at times.  The heavy doors and that the train sways at multiple points that can knock you off-balance.  I make it to my usual spot and just as we pull into the next station stop I leave my black plastic bag of lunch on the seat to secure it as I get off the train to tap my payment.  The guy across the aisle looks at the bag, looks back at me since I’m getting off, and looks at the bag again.  Not sure if he thinks I forgot it or if it’s a bomb.  Chivalrous or paranoid?  I’m assuming paranoid because he didn’t call out to me to say I forgot my bag.

As I stand in the door way waiting for the train to come to a complete stop I see a sea of people waiting to get on.  When I try to get off it’s kind of unpleasant.  People are trying to get in.  I’m trying to get out.   After I tap I have to wait in line to get back in.  Thankfully I had that bag there otherwise I wouldn’t have my seat anymore!

And now the work day begins.  With a post while I’m on the train.

Make it a great one people!


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