Shark Slippers for a 5 yr old

Crafty Charli




1 x 100g grey 8 ply

1 x 100g white 8 ply

4mm hook

Tapestry needle

2 x small black buttons or studs

NB: there will be some leftover wool… I used 100g balls because that’s what I had on hand… I know I used more than 50g but so it’s probably best to get the bigger balls. Best to have too much than not enough. 😀


Snout, Leg Front & Top of Foot: (grey)

ch 13

Row 1: dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc across, ch, turn (12)

Row 2: dc across, ch, turn

Row 3: dc2tog, dc across to within last 2 dc, dc2tog, ch 1, turn.

Row 4-12: Rep last 2 rows until 1 dc is left, ch, turn

Row 13: dc, ch, turn

Row 14: 2dc, ch, turn

Row 15: dc across, ch, turn

Row 16: 2dc in 1

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