GoTrainStorie – FSS (see what I did there?)

I missed my train and am now waiting for the last one where my tardiness isn’t over an hour.  I even forgoed doing my hair to buy me the precious minutes to make the train. I brought a brush and some hair accessories and hope I don’t run into anyone with this bird nest on my head.  I still have 10 minutes to wait, so I decide to sit and wait in the building.  It’s starting to get chilly as summer winds down and my attire doesn’t reflect that.  Cold in the morning.  Hot in the afternoons.  I’ll save the jacket for fall.

When I walk into the building there is only one bench that seats three and one of the seats is occupied.  My first reaction is “what an a-hole”.  Can you guess which seat he sat in? The NUMBER 2 seat!  Right in the f’ING middle.  Who does that?!?  Isn’t there a social rule of life to leave at least one spot for personal space unless absolutely necessary?

Whether it is on an escalator (take a look.  Everyone leaves at least one step space from the person infront of them, unless they are are creep and want to “accidently” bump your a$$), in a public bathroom with a row of stalls (side story, someone walked into the bathroom infront of me at work.  She took the NUMBER 2 stall of the 3 available!  My instant reaction was WTF? And I walked out to use the other bathroom), at a movie theatre (do you really need to sit right beside me when the theatre is practically empty) or even when you’re driving the rules say you must travel a safe distance from the car in front of you.

So For SAFETY’s Sake (or for the love of society) don’t be an a’hole. Choose the right spot by giving people some personal when you can when you can.

Let’s play a little game:  http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/games/urinal

Here’s a fun game for you.  The object of the game is to test your knowledge on men’s washroom etiquette (can lend to which stall or which seat to take) .  You will be presented with several scenarios.  In each one you must select the correct urinal.


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