GoTrainStories – Another day going to the office

It is almost a daily ritual. Speed to the GO train and get to work on time. Variances include the children waking up before I leave and crying for me to change clothes when they see the office garb on, slow drivers impeding my finely tuned Nascar timing to make the train, police trying to enforce the speed limit, available parking spots where jerks haven’t parked on the line or worse, and my running speed pending footwear of the day. If one of these or more are in play, I will end up catching the next train.

I got several noticeable once overs, but one stand out. The young stylish Korean or Japanese girl. I feel complimented as I’ve given her the once over several times before. She has a relaxed aura about her. Comfortable in her own skin and her fashion forward style reflects that. She doesn’t look like a try hard fashionista, but calm cool and collected confident woman. I’ve noticed more than one outfit on her before, so I appreciated the reciprocation. One memorable one was her orange and teal outfit with chunky silver white necklace and white Greco-Roman sandals.

I also noticed a well-dressed gentleman standing beside me. Dark jeans, tan leather shoes and belt, and with a fresh haircut. My instant thought was to look at his left hand for a wedding ring and see if I could hook him up with my cousin. My cousin is amazing. She’s beautiful, fun, kind, successful, adventurous, dependable, but, the one thing that makes me love her like a sister is that she is non-judgemental. She’s not into everything I do, she’s her own person, but she will not judge me for the choices I make even if she wouldn’t do them herself.

As I look around to the other people I see in line I notice the guy digging into his ear. I watch what he does with his hands after. Rolls something between his fingers and wipes it on his pants. I’m disgusted, but can’t help but watch him dig into the second ear. I look down the tracks to see if the train is on its way and a distinguished gentleman is looking my way. Usually people look and look away once eye contact is made. But, he holds his gaze. I look away. Awkward!



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